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Wantok Radio Light (WRL) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) does not only involve in dominating the airwaves with the Word of God, but it also feels a sense of responsibility to reach out for the Lord. WRL recognizes that all of us may not called to become pastors but we all (regardless of our statures) are called into the Great Commission.

WRL took a time out during the Mother's Day on 10th May to visit a prison in PNG. This is investing in a worthy cause and we all applaud and give Lord the glory for that.

Below is the story written by Ms Georgina Tumu, the News Editor of the Wantok Radio Light PNG.

Caption: Women Inmates of Bomana prison camp showing their gifts Wantok Radio Light presented on Sunday during the Mother's Day. Far left: Ps Agnes from PNG Bible Society who visits the women inmates once a month. Picture and caption by Georgina Tumu


Mother's Day celebration on Sunday was different for the Women inmates at the Bomana prison camp in Port Moresby. The women inmates were able to send their greetings to their mother's through the airwaves. A live coverage by Wantok Radio Light was carried out featuring items, testimonies and the sharing of the Word of God by Wantok Radio Light's staff, Pastor Jack Edwards on the value of a women found in Proverbs 31: 10 – 31.

They were served with food and gifts and a special Mother's Day cake from the Wantok Radio Light ministry.

The Mother's Day celebration was very emotional as many mothers who were locked behind bars, for the first time felt loved especially on this special Mother's Day. Many couldn't hold back the tears welling from their eye's as they listen to the Word of God. Bomana Senior Inspector Agnes Kunjil along with several CIS staff were present yesterday to witness the Mother's Day celebration program. Inspector Kunjil thanked Wantok Radio Light for the timely visit.

The Staff of the Wantok Radio Light pose for a photo during the WRL anniversary

Meanwhile, an appeal was launched yesterday to raise funds for the Bomana women inmates for a new set of musical instrument for their prison fellowship. Money raised so far has reached a total of K2, 670. Friends, supporters, and fans of Wantok Radio Light are asked to call the station on 326 29933 or 326 1061 to pledge any amount towards the purchase of the Bomana Women Prison Fellowship – Musical instrument.

Friday, April 24, 2009

International Christian Students Ministry in China

CSC/RSC/AB Leadership Meeting

(From L-R)Standing: Sekedi (AB Member in Beijing), Armel (CSC Organizing Secretary in Nanjing), John (CSC Chairman in Beijing), Kennedy (AB Chairman in Nanjing), Joseph (CSC General Secretary in Shenyang). Sitting: Julie (CSC Financial Secretary in Beijing), Serah (CSC Treasurer in Beijing), Jeffers (RSC-north Chairman in Shenyang), Jeff (RSC-South Chairman in Shanghai/Nanjing).

Our Lord God does not seek for the qualified but He qualifies those He calls: that is the ‘FAT’; those who are, ‘FAITHFUL, AVAILABLE and TEACHABLE.

The annual conferences have been going on for over 20 years. It became clear that God had plans for these conferences that were even greater and more far-reaching than originally imagined. Not only did they provide opportunities for fellowship of a kind that has been described as ‘a taste of heaven’, and for equipping in one’s personal Christian life – they could also inspire students to get actively involved in the expansion of God’s worldwide kingdom. The conferences are organized twice a year during the summer and winter vacations.

Our Vision
Equipping the saints through teaching, training and mentoring for devotion to Christ, the building of His church and service to the local community and nations.
Ephesians 4:11-16

AB (Advisory Body) is the group consist of graduates who have been passing through the Ministry and are serving in various professions in China. The main role is to provide advices to the Central Steering Committee.

The CSC, (central steering committee) is the link point to the Christian foreign pass port holders both in the northern and southern parts of China. It is God’s dream team to bring all believers of the nations of the world to worship God together.

Regional Steering Committe (RSC) Executives.

RSC is the regional steering committee and is the hand of CSC to run at the regional level. Now we have northern and southern RSCs. The ministry is comprised of people of different cultural and religious backgrounds throughout the world. We put aside our differences and come together to worship the one true and living God.

(From L-R): Jeffers, Helen, Dominique, Nebart

My Executives and I having bi-annual meetings

IT has been a privilege for me to serve as the RSC (Northern) President/Chairman of the International Christian Students Ministry in China. This year marks the full two year term in the office since 2007. Much has been said and published about this Ministry in China even in this blog.

I thank God for the opportunity to serve some hundreds of people from more than 50 nations of the World. It was indeed a rare moment to be a part of the world team.

Book of Ecclesiastics in the Bible says that there is time for every thing and a season for every activity under heaven (3:1). Time to come and time to go, time to serve and time to retire.

My time to serve as the President will expire in May 28th 2009 in a ceremony in Beijing while attending a leadership training.

The vessel who Lord prepared will take over from where I leave.

The Lord has been gracious to me and my executives and by His grace, we have accomplished some major things. We had couple of newsletters being published, our mission trips to Dalian, Changchun and Harbin are few of the examples of success.

We had also priveledge to invite some guest speakers from overseas including Joseph Kingal of Papua New Guinea.

I would like to take this time to thank my outgoing executives for their royalty to the Lord in serving in various offices; Sister Dominique from Gabon (Secretary), Sister Helen from Tanzania (Treasurer) and brother Nebart from Zambia (Prayer secretary).

On the same note, I would like to acknowledge the undivided support from Central Steering Committee (CSC) and Advisory Body (AB).

May our Lord continue to bless you all as you continue to seek in daily wherever Lord places you. AMEN!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Former Chief Justice Late Sir Mari Kapi Was A Role Model

A Humble Servant of God went to be with the Lord

Former Chief Justice Late Sir Mari Kapi

I met this humble man back in 2002 at the Papua New Guinea (PNG) University of Technology. This was the time when Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) of PNG Inc hosted its annual Easter conference from March 29th to 31st Easter Weekend.

I was one of those coordinators organizing the entire conference. We had the privilege to invite then Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Allan Marat, then Chief Justice (CJ) late Sir Mari Kapi (while he was serving as the deputy CJ) with other dignitaries. About 500 students from all the Tertiary and Secondary Institutions in PNG attended the conference. They had the privilege to meet Sir Kapi.

The Late Sir Kapi was a down-to-earth person. He speaks in a low tone and words of wisdom and knowledge would always flow out from him. He was a man of God and we would see God’s glory upon his life. He was indeed a role model not only to the Justice System in PNG but also among educational institutions and communities throughout the nation.

I had a privilege to sit under his counsel many a times. We decided to become prayer partners since then. I would remember him in my prayers whenever Lord leads me to pray for him. I would pray for his relationship with the Lord, his health, his family, his career and job.

Late Sir Kapi was one of the pioneers and founders of TSCF in PNG. He served as a patron of TSCF until his death. Whenever the TSCF students invite him to share with them, he would always make time available even in the midst of his busy schedules.

I would talk to him about leadership. He would say, “Son, leadership is all about serving people and when you serve people, you will influence them to follow you on the right path. Lead them to the right path. Leadership is all about identifying people’s needs, being in their shoes and making the right decisions for the benefits of the people.” These were the words that Sir Kapi shared with me some 6 years ago but they still rings in my heart. He had somehow shaped not only mine but many people’s lives. His words of wisdom will always guide and shape our lives.

Sir Kapi was a man after God’s own heart. He would dance and sing for the Lord even in front of Prime Ministers, Vice Chancellors, dignitaries and people that worked under him when he was the Chief Justice serving not only in PNG but also in Australian Justice System, New Zealand Justice system and other pacific island countries. Sir Kapi was a man of integrity and principles. He left a legacy behind. He would love to share God’s love with people he comes to meet in his life. He lived a life to the fullest. He was a hero and a role model.

It would just humble me to see how the man of his caliber would worship God without fear and doubt. He was a “rare breed” God raised him up and He took him away on the 25th of March 2009 at 5 pm in Singapore.

Truly those of us who came to know this man of God will miss him dearly. We are, on the other hand, joyous that we will meet him again in Heaven. I wish to extend my sincere and heartfelt condolences to his wife Lady Tegana, children, grand children, relatives and friends. We are praying for you at this time of sorrow.

Jeffers Teargun Heptol
President of Christian Students Ministry (Northern China)
Former TSCF National Associate Staff - Madang Region
Former TSCF Vice President - University of Technology

Below are the news articles taken from Post Courier about this man of God.

FORMER Chief Justice Sir Mari Kapi died yesterday. He was 58. He died while awaiting a kidney transplant operation in Singapore. His son Guria confirmed his death at around 5pm yesterday.

Sir Mari and his wife Lady Tegana have been in Singapore since January preparing for the kidney transfer from his younger brother Mari Gerea.Apart from the donor, other family members were also with him when he died. The latest news reaching his relatives as of Tuesday was that he was having an irregular heart beat, and that the operation to transfer the kidney had been deferred.

Sir Mari had spent almost 30 years as a National and Supreme Court judge and part of that as Chief Justice. He was also the first Papua New Guinean to be appointed a judge. In a farewell hosted for him last year, current Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia described him as one of the top national jurists this country had produced.“He is the perfect role model and any one of us in the legal profession should try to emulate him, but to be realistic, none of us will ever achieve what he has done,” Sir Salamo said.

Sir Mari ‘comes home’

THE body of the late former chief justice Sir Mari Kapi arrived at Port Moresby yesterday morning from Singapore.

Family, friends and the military bearer party received Sir Mari’s casket, draped in the national flag, when it arrived at the Jackson International Airport.

Lady Tegana Kapi accompanied her husband’s body back to the country. The casket was taken to the Funeral Home and was later taken to his home for family members to pay their respects.

Meanwhile, there will be a ceremonial sitting of the National and Supreme Courts in honour of Sir Mari from 8:30am to 9:30am tomorrow.

A statement released by the registrar of the National and Supreme Courts Ian Augerea yesterday advised judges, magistrates, lawyers, staff of the National Judicial Staff Services and the public of the ceremonial sitting in Courtroom One and all magistrates and lawyers were asked to be robed for this occasion

A funeral service for Sir Mari will be held after the ceremonial sitting at the Sione Kami Memorial church from 10am onwards.

He was appointed chief justice on Aug 16, 2003, and resigned last Nov 21 due to ill health. Sir Mari passed away last March 25 while in Singapore seeking medical treatment for kidney failure. He was 58 years old.

Late Justice Jalina Moses

The Lord has been faithful to me to meet people on my way up. Not only those people who come under TSCF but also people of all sectors in the community. One of them was Former Chief Justice Late Sir Mari Kapi. Another one who Lord brought into my life was late residential judge justice Moses Jalina.

These were the people who have had great influence over my life. It will take much time and/or find it hard to replace them but I appreciate for what they have invested in my life. I thank God for their lives.

Below is an article I wrote to The National in PNG to pass my heart-felt condolence message to the family of Late Justice Jalina Moses. The articles followed are both taken from The National and Post Courier.

ECSA pays tribute to late Justice Jalina
The National Monday 24th Dec 2007

I WAS sad to read about the sudden death of Justice Moses Jalina. On behalf of the Enga Christian Students Association (ECSA), I would like to extend my sincere condolences to his wife Kessi, children, relatives and friends. We uphold you all in our prayers and share the sadness together at this time of sorrow.

Many Enga students remember how Justice Jalina had influenced our lives. He was devoted to ECSA and imparted wisdom and godly values not only to the lives of the students but also the graduate community in Enga.

“My dear students, let us go out into our communities and ‘shoot down’ the Goliath of tribal warfare in our province”. These were the touching words of a humble judge, who lived a transparent and balanced life.

Enga students admired Justice Jalina because of his down-to-earth attitude and had quality time for the students even in the midst of his busy schedules. Many Enga students never had a chance to talk to any national judge except with Justice Jalina.

He was such a colourful man who had a heart for whole of Enga province.
For sure, we will miss you during our annual conventions when you used to put your hands up first.
We thank you for all that you have imparted into our lives. Our love is with you always.

Jeffers Teargun Heptol
Former President of Enga Christian Students Association
Shenyang, China

Enga farewells Justice Jalina

THE people of Enga mourned the untimely death of their resident judge, Justice Moses Jalina in a big way on Monday.

People stood motionless along the Highlands Highway from the Western Highlands border as the body of their judge was driven past in a long motorcade for public mourning in Wabag town where hundreds of people waited. Pallbearers from Mukurumanda Correctional Institution removed the casket from the ambulance and passed through a police guard of honour immediately followed by acting Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia, Justice Hinchliffe, Justice Gavera-Nanu, Justice Batari, Justice Davani, Justice Mogish, Justice Canning, Mrs Salika and members of the legal fraternity.
Justice Jalina’s wife Kessi and her children, Ron, Johnson, Junior, Carmon, Jonathan, Jacinta and Esther and other relatives were also accompanied by Kandep MP and Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Don Polye, Mul Baiyer MP and Minister for Internal Security, Sani Rambi, and other leaders.

Sir Salamo handed the body over to Governor Peter Ipatas, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Sam Abal, Enga provincial assembly members and provincial administrator, Dr Samson Amean who all broke down and wept openly.

People from nearby tribes and church denominations who were covered in mud came in droves to mourn their judge in true Engan mourning style. Shops were closed and there was no movement of people or vehicles for as long as the body of the late judge lay in state in Wabag town.

In Enga, people go to funerals with lots of food, firewood and sugarcane but because there was to be no funeral feast in Wabag, people contributed K14,427 on the spot for the family to take back home. In addition, the Enga Provincial Government gave a cheque for K50,000 on behalf of the people who were not able to come to the funeral because of the Christmas period.

“He was our brother. To Engans, he was not a judge but our brother and we miss him,” said Mr Abal, who was the administrator of the province when Justice Jalina was installed in Enga. “I haven’t seen anywhere where people cry like you did today. You have broken my heart,” said Ron Jalina, an adopted son of the late judge, who is an engineer by profession.

“Governor Ipatas, you brought my father here, you looked after him well, ‘yu wanpela fit man’, thank you,’’ he said.

A state funeral will be held in Port Moresby tomorrow after which the body will be flown to Rabaul on Saturday to be finally laid to rest at his wife, Kessi’s village.
Justice Jalina collapsed and died at 10.30am at Kagamuga Airport near Mt Hagen on arrival from Port Moresby on December 18.

The late Judge had a high regard for Enga

ENGA is the home of brother judges, Sir Salamo Injia DCJ and Ambang Kandakasi J.
Yet it was the Sepik, Justice Moses Jalina, who made it his home for the last seven years.

The sentence is written in the past tense, for Justice Jalina died last week.
As with all judges, Justice Jalina was well-known by his work but a very private individual. In a very rare disclosure once, he talked about his work in Enga, which he claimed was his most-rewarding and which we now know to have been his last.
A little of Jalina, the man, came through in that conversation which I held with him in 2005.

Justice Jalina went to Enga in May 2000, filled with dread, he said, and fearing for his own life and that of Kessie, his wife, and their young children. And why not?
Everybody else not Engan dreads the place and fears its people. Enga’s reputation for homicide reaches far and wide and few want to volunteer postings or investment in the province. The Judge was in for a pleasant surprise.

“I find myself more secure in Enga than anywhere else I have been,” he said.
“You fear Engans for nothing. “They know who their enemies are. “They do not attack outsiders.”

A tremendous vote-of-confidence in Enga from their judge, who once pronounced the death sentence upon a prisoner and in the same evening, was seen dropping off members of his congregation to their homes without police escort to the consternation of all.

He has driven through warring clans and has had armed people step aside to let his car pass and then continue their grisly business. The people’s sense of justice is acute, he said. “As long as justice is fairly dispensed there are few who argue.”
Enga’s reputation for high homicide incidences is true, he said.

Murder, willful murder, and grievous bodily injury comprise the bulk of cases which came before his honor at the Wabag National Court. Most of these related to payback killings or to domestic violence, mostly between feuding wives. None of these related to killings in tribal fights.

In those cases the people tend to settle the matter out of court in the age-old way or through mediation and “which pays far more dividends than if the matter were to be brought to court” according to Justice Jalina. The Engans provided another surprise for the Judge. Here, he faced the least number of rapes, break and enter cases and other criminal acts which he had encountered in all the other postings he had around the country in the 18 years of service to the judiciary as a judge.
Whatever the case, he dispensed justice as he had always done –firmly and fairly - after he had digested all the evidence before him. Slowly at first, and then in increasing numbers, the people of this province responded.

From a mere trickle of cases in 2000, the cases grew until soon it became necessary for the Judge to dispense justice in selected districts, beginning in Porgera.
In this manner, Justice Jalina slowly brought the court out to the people in a province where previously, such an act was considered foolhardy. “One thing I would like to see people do here is to bring law breakers to the court,” he said.
“And since they are hesitant to do that either because they do not see the use or are unaware of the law, I bring the court out to the people.”“It would help if educated Engans were to return home and assist in this education process.

“It is one thing for us outsiders to tell them but it would be so much more effective if educated Engans were to tell it to their people in their own language.”
A general comment, to be sure, but its underlying meaning will not be lost on Enga’s two judges and its many lawyers. Justice Jalina worked hard with the community on another level which also endeared him to many Engans.

He wanted to build inner peace within the individual and among communities through his work with through the ministry of the Association of Local Churches. “One thing that keeps me here is that I have been a born-again Christian for a long time,” he told me.

“It gives me peace to be here. I want to do my bit to help these people change.
“I want them to have inner peace which will manifest itself outwardly in a law abiding person.”

Engans showed the respect and admiration they had for Justice Jalina in a big way on Christmas Eve. Tears flowed freely for most, a moment they shall never forget, as the body of their late Judge travelled in a motorcade from Mount Hagen to Wabag.
In emotional scenes, mud-covered people from nearby tribes and church denominations came in droves to mourn Justice Jalina in typical Engan style.

They freely contributed what little money they had to his family. His wife and children, brother Judges and Engan leaders all joined in the mourning for a man, who although not from the province, came to be regarded as a true son of Enga. Perhaps the saddest words from came the Judge’s adopted son Ron: “I haven’t seen anywhere where people cry like you did today. “You have broken my heart.”

A State funeral will be held in Port Moresby today after which the body will be flown to Rabaul tomorrow to be laid to rest at wife Kessie’s village.
Justice Jalina collapsed and died at 10.30am at Kagamuga Airport near Mt Hagen on arrival from Port Moresby on December 18.

Legal fraternity pays respect to Jalina

ATTORNEY-General Dr Alan Marat has described late National and Supreme Court judge Justice Moses Jalina as a man with “an unblemished integrity”. Dr Marat was speaking at a special ceremonial sitting at the Waigani Court House last Friday where members of the legal fraternity, judiciary and family and friends turned up to bade their last respects to Justice Jalina.

The ceremony was held in Court Room 1, which was the last court room where the late judge sat in a day before he passed away in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, on Dec 18.
Acting Governor-General and Chief Justice Sir Mari Kapi with his wife, Lady Tegana, were also present at the ceremony.

Also present were retired judge Kubulan Los with his wife, senior magistrates and lawyers including the late judge’s wife Kessie and their children.
The casket with the body of the late judge was set before the Deputy Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia by military pall bearers.

Sir Salamo gave a brief history of the late judge and read out his credentials, saying that he had received the Order of British Empire (OBE) from the Queen.
He also described late Justice Jalina as a hardworking and humble man who gave quality service to his people, in particularly the people of Enga for the last seven years.

Sir Salamo said out of the 40 judges in the Judiciary, the late Justice Jalina was ranked fifth in seniority. He said the Judiciary had lost one of the most dedicated judges through heart-related causes. He said the late Justice Jalina was always a fair, dedicated and committed hardworking judge.

Sir Salamo said his death would now leave a permanent hole and absence within the judiciary and his brother and sister judges would miss his presence very much.
He said the late judge’s charismatic qualities touched the lives of many people as was evident with the huge turn up at his funeral service in Wabag, Enga. The late judge lost his parents as a young man – his mother died when he was in Grade 5 while his father passed away when he entered high school in Wosera, East Sepik. He continued on to the University of Papua New Guinea to take up law from 1972 to 1976.
In 1977 he went to the Legal Training Institute (LTI), and it was then that he married his wife, Kessie Jalina.

He did a year in private practice before joining the State Solicitors as a State lawyer before being appointed a judge. Dr Marrat said Justice Jalina was a “fighter” throughout his childhood and as a young man. He said the late judge and him did their four years at law school together including LTI.

“He lived a very rich life ... the quality of his performance on the bench was of high standards,” Dr Marat said. He said Justice Jalina was a “spiritual man” with “an unblemished integrity”.

President of the Law Society Kerenga Kua said the late judge was “a hardworking and committed” person. He said Justice Jalina had left a legacy of precedent reported cases in the PNG Law Reports to help lawyers. Mr Kua said he had sighted about 481 case judgments that would survive for generations to help assist lawyers and litigants.

A seat between Justice Timothy Hinchliffe and Justice Les Gavara-Nanu was left vacant during the special ceremonial sitting to show where the late judge used to be seated.

Jalina laid to rest today
By LUTHER SCAT LAMANG Monday 31st Dec 2007

LATE Justice Moses Jalina is to be laid to rest today in his wife’s village of Ravat, East New Britain, granting a wish the judge himself made to his wife three years ago.

“It was his wish some three years ago that he wanted to be buried here should he die, and so to honour his wish we will do just that,” Kessie Jalina said.
Justice Jalina is from Wosera in East Sepik province. Jalina, 57, collapsed and died in Mt Hagen on Dec 18.

A funeral service and the handing over of the body of the judge to his relatives by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia and Kokopo resident judge Justice Salatiel Lenalia will take place today.

After a memorial service in Port Moresby last Friday, the body of the judge was flown to East New Britain last Saturday. Late Justice Jalina’s casket arrived at Tokua on an Air Niugini flight in the company of his wife Kessie, children and relatives. Also accompanying the body was Rabaul MP and Minister for Justice Dr Allan Marat, Deputy Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Justice Ellenas Batari, Justice Les Gavara-Nanu, Justice Allan David, Justice Cathy Davani and the wife of Justice Gibbs Salika representing the judge.

Representatives from the Enga and East Sepik provincial government were also there.
The casket was received with a guard of honour staged by the members of the police and Correctional Services.

A procession began at Tokua Airport with a convoy of more than 30 vehicles into Kokopo town, where people stopped to pay their respects. The convoy stopped for two minutes at the Kokopo Court House, where Justice Jalina once presided as resident judge, and then proceeded on to Ravat village.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happiness in Marriage

God Designed and Instituted the Marriage Life in the Garden of Eden where first ever wedding took place. God is more interested in our Marriages than we are interested in.
Having a Happy and Healthy Family is a Dream of every man and woman who wants to get married. Without God who instituted the marriage institution, the foundation of the marriage life becomes shakeable.

Everyone in the world wants to be happy. Happiness is associated with peace. When we have peace in our hearts, we are happy. When we do not have peace, we are not happy.

To have peace, it all boils down to some fundamental values of loving, trusting, honestly, understanding, patience and the like.

Whether we may single or engaged or already has got a spouse, happiness is the quality in life that we all long for. Happiness is not accessed easily but one has to work for. To maintain happiness in life, one has to put an extra effort of self-control.

For example, to have my happiness, I have to understand a person. Having the understanding that people are different with different views and agendas in life will help us to discipline our heart from being hurt. A person’s strength might be weakness to me and my strength might be weakness to somebody.

To maintain my happiness, I have to be patience with a person. Being patient is being self-control. I do not expect people to be there for me all the time, neither be on my side nor agree to what I have. As I have said, my strengths can become weaknesses in other people’s eyes.

God's ways of getting People's Attention

It is so easy to control a computer in front of you. When your computer freezes, you can put the power off manually and computer will not talk back. However, it is quite hard to control people because they can talk back. You can not just put their switches off manually. You will Never!

But I found only one way. The only way we can get the attention of the people we have around in our life is to deal with them in God’s way. The God's ways are outlined in Galatians 5:22-23.

When we are being patient or gentle with the people, they can have convictions within themselves. They begin to be thankful or apologize for not only that you were being patient or gentle but they have learnt some important qualities from you.

One of the institutions throughout the world that is vulnerable and susceptible to sadness and unhappiness is the Marriage.

Love and Trust

The first quality that starts, sustains and stabilizes the marriage institution is the love.

One can come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. That was what God did when He sent Jesus for us. God loved us not that we were perfect but He saw us in His love, the imperfect people perfectly. Love is kind, love is patient, love is giving and the list goes on.

The second fundamental quality in the marriage institution is trust. If the trust is broken among the two married couples, it will take a long time to mend or it can never be mended.

Trust is the word I define as believing in a person that he/she should not do what is not supposed to be done and do what is supposed to be done. In other words, trust is seeing a person not close to your sight being honest and faithful.

Trust and Technology

Today, as the technology increases at an alarming rate, the means of communication makes easier. However, there are some inconveniences associated with Technology. Understanding these associated inconveniences will keep you from hurt and keep trusting your spouse.

I have counseled couple of married couples on this very issue. When the husband calls the wife on her mobile phone at her work place during the lunch hour, a voice of a man was heard. Or it might be the vice versa. A man or a woman who really trusts his/her spouse will come up with the following reasons instead of outlining negative outcomes.

- The mobile signal must have intercepted and signal was not good
- The mobile phone must have been stolen or misplaced or dropped

The possible ways the other spouse is to find out by calling her landline phone, or calling her colleagues if their numbers are known. However, most spouses fail on this and come up with negative ideas. The end result is the heated-up argument at home where there is no peace that leads to unhappiness.

It will also be the same when the two couples are chatting or sending emails through computers. We can expect inconvenience anytime with the increase of technology.

In these two scenarios, trust plays a vital role. No one told us that technology will improve our trust for each other. It only tests our trust even when communication is made so easy and possible.

If you can cultivate a greater understanding of the nature of your relationship, and focus on doing what you can to improve them rather than on the blame, you will be well ony your way to a world of greater peace and friendship for your happiness.

A Virtuous Wife
A value of a wife is more than countless of rubies. In the Book of Proverbs 31:10 says this. A married man is significantly more satisfied with his life when his wife becomes a wife of noble character and vice versa.

When God said ‘who can find a virtuous wife’ in Proverbs 31:10, He did not forget husbands either. Both the husband and wife are precious in His sight and He treats them on same basis.

We read in Proverbs 20:6 that ‘many men will proclaim his own goodness but who can find a faithful man. His children are blessed after him'.

Both the man and woman are needed to be found. And to ‘find', it involves a lot of processes which we will share next time. World's view of looking at a person is different from how God sees.
A Responsible Husband

In my view, when a woman is not yet married, they do concern and care about their future; whom they will marry, where they will live and how they will raise up their family. Woman wants her husband to be responsible, provide for her and the family and the husband is her guarantee of security.

A man sometimes thinks about marriage when he is still single but does not show deep concern.

But the opposite event takes place after the marriage. Man becomes a much more concern husband while the woman feels secured under the man's umbrella. But she works hand-in-hand and side-by-side with her husband.

The old saying that said “Be very careful in making a woman cry because God counts her tears. Woman came out from the man's rib:
- Not from the head to be superior
- Not from the feet to be stepped on
- But from the side to be equal
- Under the arm to be protected
- And at the heart's side to be loved

Know that most of the time, woman uses her heart to make decisions but man uses his mind to make decsions. I learnt that to handle things, we should use our minds but to handle people, we should use our hearts. And that is loving-caring is all about.
10 Golden Rules for Happy Marriages

1. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire, Ps 37:8.

2. Never both be angry at the same time. Soft answer turns away wrath. Sometimes silence is a powerful weapon to win the war, Provb 15:1.

3. It takes two to make a quarrel and the one in the wrong is the one who does the most talking. Be as united and live as one, Eph 4:2-3.

4. If one of you has to win an argument, let it be your mate, Eph 5:33.

5. If you have to criticize, do it lovingly, Matt 22:39.

6. Never bring up the mistakes of the past, Isa 43:18. Learn and build on those. Love records no wrong doings.

7. Neglect the whole world rather than each other and live up to the commitments and promises, Provb 18:24.

8. Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled. Tomorrow has got its own problems, Eph 4:26.

9. At least once everyday, try to say one kind word, or complimentary to your life’s partner, Titus 3:2.

10. When you have done something wrong, be ready to admit it, apologize and ask for forgiveness. The other party has to accept the apology and ready to forgive and forget, Luke 6:37.
Recipe for a Happy Marriage

(i). Look at your actions in your marriage and make sure that they are congruent with what you say your intentions are. Spend enough time and energy on your relationship with your spouse.

(ii). Stop when you start to criticize your spouse, with words or even in your mind. Try to focus your thinking to what you like about your spouse and begin to see how your marriage gets better.

(iii). Sometimes do something kind for your spouse that you wouldn't normally do and without expectation of anything in return.

(iv). Look at what your spouse does for you and what they mean to you. Say a word of appreciation about it to your spouse. It might be something as simple as "I like your smile" or "Thank you for cooking dinner last night."
(v). Try to know and communicate with your spouse. Do not put off the communication line. Whether it's a desire to have more "dates" alone with your spouse, more romance, or more help around the house, the only way you'll get any of these things is to ask.

(vi). Try to figure out something about your spouse that always makes you angry or make you to always judge your spouse for saying or doing it. During one conversation, just listen to him/her without judging them with words or even in your mind. What did you discover?

(viii). Break the walls between you and your spouse. Try to examine what walls you've built to keep out your spouse. It might be that you "close down" and retrieve when there's conflict between the two of you. It might be that you are afraid to ask for what you want. Try to bring all these under a round-table of discussion.

Beatitudes of Happiness

(a). Blessed are the husband and wife who continue to be affectionate, considerate, and loving after the wedding bells have ceased ringing.

(b). Blessed are the husband and wife who are as polite and courteous toone another as they are to their friends.

(c). Blessed are they who love their mates more than any other person in the world, and who joyfully fulfill their marriage vow of a lifetime of fidelity and mutual helpfulness to one another.

(d). Blessed are they who attain parenthood, for children are a heritage of the Lord.

(e). Blessed are they who remember to thank God for their food before they partake of it, and who set apart some time each day for the reading of the Bible and for prayer.

(f). Blessed are those mates who never speak loudly to one another, and who make their home a place "where seldom is heard a discouraging word."

(g). Blessed are the husband and wife who faithfully attend the worship service of the church, and who work together in the church for the advancement of Christ's kingdom.

(h). Blessed are the husband and wife who can work out the problems of adjustment without interference from relatives.

(i). Blessed is the couple which has complete understanding about financial matters, and have worked out a perfect partnership, with all money under the control of both.

(j). Blessed are the husband and wife who humbly dedicate their lives and their homes to Christ, and who practice the teachings of Christ in the home by being unselfish, loyal and loving.

Hope you are blessed by this. Your comments are most welcome. Drop in a line on God bless you and your marriage as you begin to abide under God's unfailing love. Amen!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Set Foot On A Foreign Soil

Lord can see us through in Life With me are Philippino community in our International Church. Lord is gracious. He has brought people of different cultures and backgrounds into my life. I am greatful for that. He gave David a glimpse of his life before David became a King, Lord is doing for me and He can do for you too!
Though I faced alot of challenegs througout my journey to China, Lord had a plan for me to execute in China. This is Ps Joseph Kingal with some Philippino friends while I am at the back. Ps Kingal came to China for the first time in 2007 when I invited him to speak in a conference. I am still serving as the Chairman of the International Christian Students in the Northern Cities in China since 2007.

Bro Une O'Ome. Thank God for this gentleman. His house is always open for a person like me

In my first room and the small PNG flag that Une bought it for me is on the study table. I can use this flag even in our University's International Day Celebrations.

From PNG to Australia
(continuation of my testimoney from last publication)

It was on Sunday the 3rd September 2006, I finally sat in Une's van ready to go to the airport. I spent the night at Une’s apartment. Bro Une drove me to the airport. He asked me what I was taking with me as a memory to remember PNG. I said “nothing”. He bought me a small PNG flag and said, “When you miss home and PNG, see this flag.” There were some of my friends and relatives like aunt Yakale, her son Luke came to see me off at the airport. We said good byes and hugged.

At 15:10, I finally left POM Jackson's Airport to Sydney on my way to China. I was the only PNG student heading for China. All my other country mates who were also under the Chinese Gov Scholarship left on Friday, two days earlier. As I have mentioned earlier in last update, my flight was scheduled on Sunday. The next day, I was supposed to fly from Sydney to Beijing, China (via Shanghai).

I boarded the plane (Flight QF 352) to Sydney that afternoon. I met lots of smiling faces heading down to Australia. No wonder, nobody was in the flight heading to China except me. I sat down in a seat next to the window. Well, it was my first time flying out of my country. I have got 150 Australian Dollars in my pocket and that was all I had.

After about an hour or two later, we arrived in Brisbane. Some passengers were offloaded and we were on our way to Sydney. It was quite a long flight from Brisbane to Sydney. While we were still up in the air, I decided to move to another seat next to a fellow country man was. His name was Bruno Wulal and he works with Air Niugini. He was going to Sydney for a short course. I told my entire story to him and because of his kindness and generosity; he decided to accommodate me in his hotel room for the night. My concerns of accommodations and food in Sydney were all taken cared of that night. I thank God for Bruno. Lord will bless him always.

The next day was Monday. Bruno was picked up by his training guide on a white van at 8am. My flight to China was scheduled at 11.20 am. I asked the hotel workers how to get to the Sydney International Airport. They were kind enough to allow me to get on their hotel bus to the airport. Upon my arrival at the terminal, I wanted to check in. Remember, I was a first timer and was by myself. Fortunately, though the terminal was quite big and busy, I was able to locate where I was supposed to check in. A slim and tall Asian-white mix race girl collected my ticket at the check in counter and gave me the boarding pass and wished me good luck with a smile. I smiled back and said thank you. I ended up at the waiting room to be boarded. Many Chinese were there and some even do not speak English. I boarded with all those Chinese with some Australian students on a study exchange program on flight CA 178, China Airlines. When the time struck at 11.20am, the engine of the plane could not start. We waited for two hours on the plane at the airport. The airhostess made the announcement that the plane was experiencing a mechanical problem.

The China Airlines booked a hotel in Sydney for all the passengers and that was my second night in Sydney in a room of my own and my meals were again taken cared of. Not surprisingly, I was missing my mum. I picked up the phone and tried to dial the numbers here and there and finally the signal was connected to home. I talked for a while and also made some calls to couple of friends back at home. Remember, nothing is free. When I wanted to check out the next morning, a bill came to my room with A$99. I paid the price of dialing the numbers that night and I was finally left with A$51.
First Beijing Experience I presented a photo of Radio Light in PNG to Ms Liza Gabina at her Embassy Residence. I also presented some of the photos to all the other students. Thanks to the Radio Light team (Georgina Tumu) for sending us photos through Ps Joseph Kingal. I really apprecite Liza's help when I got lost in Beijing when I first arrived in China. She was also my Good Samaritan.

Pastor Joseph Kingal with the team of PNG boys in China climbed the Greal Wall of China. It was a great experience for me. Chinese people love their country that they only talk about good things of China.

Australia to China flight

The hotel buses made several rounds trips to pick up passengers to the airport and we were finally on the board ready to take off at 11.20am. This time, it was the same plane but the mechanical problem had been solved.

We were up in the air for about eight hours and finally arrived in Shanghai at 8pm. We stayed there for about 30 minutes and made our way to Beijing at 10pm. I looked around at the Beijing airport terminal only to found out that no one was there to pick me up. I was not surprised by that because my flight was delayed by a day. I tried every means that night to make my way out of the terminal but all efforts were in vain. I put my hand bag on the hard chair at the terminal and was snoring away while Chinese security guards and travelers were throwing their eyes on me. .

Next morning was Wednesday. I was expecting someone to turn up for my aid with my name written on a box card. Unfortunately, none turned up. I did not feel hungry. My concern was to get out of the terminal. I went to the information desk several times for help but all attempts were of no gain. It was now 10am that morning. Different travelers were throwing their eyes on me. I stood there helplessly at the terminal. I went to a corner and wanted to pray but tears started to flow. I could not stop it.

After wiping my tears, I went to the information desk again. I showed the information desk officer about the place that I supposed to go. The place was Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). That was supposed to be my transit point to go to Shenyang where I live now. The officer told me that BLCU was quite far from the airport. It would cost me about U$100 by taxi. Some taxi drivers wanted to take me to BLCU only if I had to pay them 500 Yuan. I decided not to risk my life because I had only A$51. With this, I bought a telephone card with A$5. I managed to call back to the Chinese Embassy in my country. The Scholarship officer said, he could not help me. Oh! What an unfortunate guy!

Believe it or not, after I shed tears, I had total peace in my heart. I knew from deep within my heart that the time to get out of that terminal has finally come. I still did not know how I would get out but I had peace in my heart. I asked the officer at the information desk if she had a Telephone Directory. Well, to my surprise she did not have. She gave me a folder containing some handouts with some telephone numbers. I roll over through the papers and found PNG’s China Embassy. I gave 5 Yuan to a taxi driver who had a mobile on his hand. I dialed the embassy numbers and finally I was connected. I talked with a lady at the embassy and explained everything to her. She told me to giver her 15 to 20 minutes. That was it! At 11.15am, a Good Samaritan from the embassy Ms Liza Gabina turned up with her driver. Wow, finally I left the place where the hard chairs were my bed for that night. I do not want to spend the night again on those.
Welcome Party After our arival, the university hosted a welcome party fo us. There were about sixteen of us in total and we were the first lot to be in this University. I was elected as the monitor of the our class and later became the overseer of the foreigner students on the campus.

Thomas from Tanzania and I enjoying Chinese hot pot. They call it "huo guo". This is the most favorite dish for Chinese people especially the northern part of China. I like it too. There are two sections in the dish above. One section has got spicy and the other is just plain water. After both sides boiled, the sliced meat and vegetables are put inside and taken out to eat after 2 or 3 minutes.

From BLCU to Shenyang

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was my home for three nights. On Sunday (10 Sept) evening at 6pm, I was heading towards the Beijing train station on my way to Shenyang. Shenyang is a city where my University is located. With me were other African students who are also trying to go the Shenyang but to different Universities. We were all on a BLCU bus. Most of these African students were girls. When ladies move around, they travel with “their houses”. They had so many things to carry and those were so heavy. I had a small hand bag so I decided to help them carry two heaviest suitcases. It is very important to note that when traveling to a place you do not know and for the first time, you should take small and light bag with you. These girls cried when they were carrying their stuff from the bus station to the train station.

We ended up sitting on a train heading to Shenyang. The next day was Monday and we finally arrived in Shenyang at 7.30am. The African students were then welcomed by the people from their University who were waiting for them at the Train Station. Unfortunately, no one turned up at the station to welcome me. Am I going to sleep again on the hard chair at the train station as I did at Beijing International Airport?

I had a Chinese friend whom I met on the train. His name was Wang. In fact he was sleeping opposite to me on the sleeper on the train. Except “hello’, ‘friend’, ‘ok’ and ‘good’, he can not speak other English words. While I was stranded there at the station, Wang came to me and said ‘hello friend’. I showed him my acceptance letter from my University. It was written in Chinese so he understood where I was going. He made body actions to me to follow him. We got onto a taxi and he started telling the driver where we were going. After 20 minutes later, we got off from the taxi at a gate and that’s the south gate of my University. He started to ask some students on the campus in their language. No wonder, I knew that he was asking for foreign students’ office. We went to a building and now I can read some English word written as ‘Foreign Students’ Department’. I hugged friend Wang and said thanks and good bye. I went to the office and asked them why they did not come to the station to pick me up. They had arrived at the train station at 7am and left early when they found out that no one was there. The train was late for 30 minutes.

The foreign students’ officer Mr. Li gave me the door key for the room number 305 on the 3rd floor of the office building. The offices were on the ground floor (1st floor in Chinese), 2nd and 3rd were dormitory rooms and 4th floor had classrooms. The time was 8.10 am. Mr. Li told me to have bath and rest that day. I really wanted to attend my first Chinese Language class because I was late for a week. Mr. Li gave me some Chinese language text books and I went in late to the class. All the eyes in the classroom were on me as when I opened the door and sat on the last chair at the back. After 30 minutes, I found myself that I was sleeping away. There were students from Yemen, Afghanistan, America, Central Africa, Botswana, Uganda and Namibia to name a few.

Life In China

My Uni mates. Geared up for the sunday morning. Paul planted it, Apolos watered it and He made it grow. The background building is my laboratory buiding. Its about 50 years old now. They called it the main Building. My lab is right in the center, fifth floor.

I usually send them emails to meet me at a certain place every Sunday morning. You can see the small blue "Gideon" right ontop of their heards

Can you locate me? Having great time with North Korean soccer team. Every night, they would sing from the top of their voices to honor their country's leader. I also sing in the Spirit to honor my Lord. I had the prividege to atleast do my part. Rest is up to Him.

Caught up with some locals while on a mission trip to Dalian, the coastal city of the north of China. I went there to visit the beloveds there with some elders from our group.
A humiliating feeling

My first two weeks in Shenyang were very humiliating. Locals looked at me as if they have never seen a person like me before. From the tip of my hair to the soul of my shoes, all of me was counted. My trousers and shirts were screened in every detail. It seemed as if I just arrived from Mars. I locked myself inside my room to prevent myself from getting hurt feelings. Even the students on my campus seemed not knowledgeable. It was indeed a frustrating thing to see them staring so strong at me.

After 3 weeks, I talked to myself. I would be staying here in the midst of these people for next 2 to 3 years. I would rather expose myself and get some experiences than to sit in my room and attend classes in the same building. This time, I paid no notice to the people who were staring at me. I minded my on businesses. As time goes on, I was accustomed to the environment and when people stared at me, I began to do some actions and they smiled.

Chinese friends

Generally Chinese are friendly people. First able, Americans and British are smart in the minds of most Chinese. When they see a Black or Brown person, they see it with different perspective; not smart, poor and poverty. However, how you act in front of them and give them impression is the most important thing. The way you speak your English, your dressings and the way you act will whether confirm or change their perspectives.

One way to learn their language is to make friends with the people. Chinese people especially students like to practice their English. They sometimes want to make friends with foreigners who can speak Standard English. They will not only help you to improve in your Chinese language but also they can help you when you are confronted a problem. A friend close is better than a family member far away.

Well, you may believe it or not, I have made more than 5000 Chinese friends in Shenyang for the last 2 years. I can now speak Chinese more or less like that of a Chinese person. I do not know much Chinese words since I am still learning, but the little that I know; I can to speak the way they speak. I have decided to have time for my friends, be patient with them, respect their culture, invite them to church, do not criticize their government or their famous people and live the way they live. When you are in Romans, do what Romans do.

When I began to do that, I was accepted into their society. My friends would introduce to me teaching jobs and apart from my studies I could make a living. A friend introduced my current job to me with a multi-million dollar company which I am enjoying it. Sometimes, it’s not what or how much you know, but your character and attitude will paint a picture of not only who you are but also the country you come from.

My first Major class

After a year of my Chinese Language studies, I was getting ready for my major classes. I chose 9 subjects in total for the first semester. My first class begun on Monday, the 10th of September, 2007 from 6pm to 9pm. It was a Matrix class. I was the only foreigner among 100 plus Chinese students who were doing their Masters program as well. Guess what I was doing. I was like a cat watching a Television Program. I could not understand what the lecturer was lecturing but just heard the voice of their language and watched the actions. I felt so embarrassed but pretended I would understand. It went on like that for the first three months. During those times, I was making lot of friends and they were willing to come and help me on my language problem. I made a schedule for them to come and help me 3 times a day. After a couple of months later, I was beginning to understand and finally sat for the exams. I was told to write my exams both in English and Chinese. I had a computer with a translation program installed and it really helped me a lot to translate Chinese into English to understand when friends were not around.

First snow to be remembered Snowing cats and dogs. My first time saw snowing and it was great. Just like to be there. The cars at the background were covered by snow.

During the winter, its freezing. This bulldozer is removing the heaps of snow on the road to make it clear for the road users to travel.

During the summer, the weather is as hot as Port Moresby City in Papua New Guinea. I am with a Musilim friend, Mamada from Africa on our campus.

Experiencing Different weather

The weather in the North of China is different than that of the places in the south. The four seasons are experienced in the north. From mid November to February is winter when the snow falls and this time is freezing. The spring period is from March to May and this time, the snows started to melt. It’s also cold at this period. Summer is from June to September and autumn is from to October to Mid November.

During the winter and spring, I was getting cold. It was terrible. I did not even want to get up from my bed and go for class. They advised me to wear lots of clothes and drink a lot of hot water. The temperature went down well below negative 25 to negative 30 degree Celsius. It was like living and moving in a deep freeze.

Money Spending

People are always busy and crowded even in the buses from 6 am to 11 pm everywhere in China. One time, I decided to get on a bus to go to a shopping center. It was in the afternoon. The bus was so crowded that not even a single place remained. I could not feel someone was cutting my back pocket of my trousers with a very sharp razor and took away my purse with 120 Yuan inside. When I arrived at the shopping center, I found out that my purse was gone. Fortunately, I did not keep my bank card in that purse. They advised me to put my purse or bank card in my front shirt or coat pocket.

I have come to realize that 100 Yuan is not enough to keep you on for 3 days. One hundred was a big figure but when I used the money, it’s gone so fast without any trace. Food stuff in Shenyang is quite cheap than other places in China but the minimum prices for clothes and other things are 120 Yuan. Spending money wisely will sustain you to live in China without living on borrowed money.
Learning Chinese Ways Learning Chinese is not that easy. The language itself is the hardest language in the world. One has to spend alot of time learning it, but speaking is another thing. The language has got four tones and each tone means different. Hey, do not forget the Chinese character. Its tough! By the grace of God, my Chinese is far more better than my foreign classmates that we started studying Chinese together. This is because I prayed one day to the Lord. "Lord I want to be part of the Great Commission to the locals and Lord did a miracle. It's unbelievable but a miracle. You can locate me above, I am studying Chinese with my classmates right after my arrival.

Due to the China's open-up policy, many people from all over the world are populating in China. These are some of the students I met during a hiking to a recreational park. I paid some amout of money to enter this but its scenery is welcoming. Tourism is one of the major contributing economic boom China is experiencing now. It helps to develop the socio-economic and constant cash flow in the communities.

Chinese Language

Studying Chinese language was another burden to me. To remember the words was no problem but I found myself lost when I try to remember the four tones of each word and their corresponding characters. It was indeed a head aching to memorize all of them. Our Teachers told us that if we could remember more than 1000 words, we could about to speak and travel to places by ourselves. To make even things so complicated, all our Chinese teachers could not speak English. Though some teachers might speak English but there was a policy that does not allow teachers to speak English when they teach Chinese to the foreigners. It was a challenge and I like facing challenges.

What I learnt about China

Apart from learning Chinese Language and my major of studies, I learnt many things in the short period that I have been in China. I learnt how to work with diligent. Poet Tawali Kumalau one time said, ‘laziness kills economy’. China’s economy is growing at an unprecedented rate not because it’s a big country with a people of 1.3 billion. It’s because Chinese people know how to work with diligent.

I also learnt that; though many Chinese people do not believe in the God of love, blessings and prosperity but they preach and practice love. When it comes to love; they love their country, people and family members. They all want to prosper. They hate cursing. Somehow they believe that they might become exactly what the words of other people say about their life. Chinese people are unified and they practice and maintain teamwork.

Tourism is the main source of income for most people. People are creative and they find ways to make money. They will make even a small hill or a lake so beautiful and put a fence around them and collect money at the gate. Just for a day, more than 10, 000 people visit such places. Mobile network coverage is linked to the mountains and forests where tourists can visit them.


Living in China is an opportunity for me and I do not regret choosing China. Though my travel to China at first was difficult and tackling the difficultness of the language but my tears and efforts were paid off. I am enjoying the friendliness of the people not only in my campus but also at my work place and places in Shenyang. I love to visit some historical sites and famous places. I hope that I will be a valuable asset to my country with these expertise and experiences to help my people.

Lord bless you!
Note: To see some of my update, just click these links

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A Life Pruned And Sustained By God's Grace

Former National TSCF President Mr. Brain Kakini (FL standing) with other Unitech TSCF Graduates during 2007 Graduands Night
Unitech TSCF Graduates during 2007 Graduands Night. I was once involved in Organizing a TSCF Graduands Night as a Chairman at Unitech. TSCF Graduand Night is a time when TSCF Ministry farewells the graduating students by having a party and presenting them with Ministry Certificates and gifts. It is a night to be remembered. TSCF Certificate speaks more than a CV. It is like recommendation letter from God. I was once given a certificate and a gift. I got my first job using a TSCF certificate. It speaks of trustworthy.

How it all started!

After the Graduation from the University of Technology (Unitech) on 26th March 2004, I moved over to Madang to look for a job. Many prayers had been offered to God to give me a job but the more I prayed, the more I waited and my patience began to run out. As being the Vice President of Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) at Unitech in 2003, I thought God would easily give me a job. But it never happened.

I recalled the words of wisdom from Dr. Misty Baloiloi, the Vice Chancellor of Unitech spoke to me one time. “Son, do not think that being in the front line of God's Dream Team (i.e TSCF), God would give you are job so easily. Never think like that to guard your heart to depend on God. For some people, God can give right on the spot. For others, God wants to bring them to a place where they become nobody and God becomes somebody to be depended upon.” That really happened and Dr. Baloiloi's words worked in my life.

I prayed and fasted all day and night. In the evenings, I would spend time along Kalibobo Light House and went back to sleep at mid nights. In the mornings, I would wake up so as early as 5 am to pray along the same beach of Kalibob. It seemed that God did not listen. But I thank God for those times that drove me even closer to Him. Of course, God knows when and what is best for us.

I applied to many jobs in Madang and other parts of PNG but some were unsuccessful while others were not even replied. “Lord, it's not a mistake that You gave a person like me a degree to live without a job”. I prayed one day. “Whatever You want to do with my life, I surrender”.

Life was not that easy. During those days of my depending on God for a job, I remembered my poor parents back at home. They spent their entire marital hood life raising me up and not only that, they paid for my school fees from primary to university study level. Tears started to fall as I remembered them and prayed. My parents are my life. Without them, I do not think God will just drop me down from the Heaven. I value them so much. I pray that God will bless them with good health and they will live a happy life.

I also remembered a Good Samaritan that came to my aid when I was in need of school fees back in 2002 and 2003 academic years. He is Mr. Kalos whom I will always remember. Though Mr. Kalos was a folk lift driver, he closed is eyes to sow into my education with amounts ranging from K700.00 to K1000.00. He is my angel, I value him so much. During that time, I did not go home to look for school fees. I stayed back at the TSCF fellowship building called Christian Center at Unitech. I became a pulpit boy like Prophet Samuel spending my holidays there. I would sit back and write letters to Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) and many other companies for school fee assistance. For three consecutives years, PJV assisted me with K500.00. Thank God for that. I also value the Enga Provincial Governments Education Policy under the leadership of Governor Peter Ipatas. I have benefited a lot from these schemes.

I even remembered my cousin Darry. She would give me all I needed. “Lord, how will I give in return for all these investments?” I cried out to Him.

My first job with Raycom Computers - Madang In my dorm

I was without a job for almost 3 months after my graduation. It was one Monday morning (June 14, 2004), I decided to snick my nose to any office in town. That weekend, I prepared my CV and other references and put them together in an envelope. I woke up early that Monday, and got dressed up. I walked out of the house to direct myself to a place called Raycom Computers. I knocked at the door of the office of the Manager. The Manager's name was Mr. Ray. I gave him my documents that I prepared during the weekend and told him that I want to work with your company. With those documents, I also included a copy of TSCF certificate.

Mr. Ray looked at me and saw my papers. After awhile, he said “No, we do not need anybody now”. Well, I do not have to argue about that. That was his final decision. Then the Holy Spirit impressed my heart to tell Mr. Ray. “Can I just attach with your company to do my practical without pay?” "Alright, that would be fine. I saw a Christian Certificate in your application so I trust you. You can do that," Mr. Ray said.

That was my first day at work. All the workers there had their eyes focused on a stranger who was willing to surrender his life to the service without being paid.

On Thursday of that week, I was doing my job without supervision. There comes a worker from Coast Watchers Hotel. He was in a desperate need to get his external disk drive reader fixed. He asked me if I could fix within an hour because there were some important documents to be retrieved using that driver. I told myself; Lord I need you in this. I have never handled one like this before.

I played around with the disk reader and finally it was working within 15 minutes. The disk driver could not eject the disk and that was the problem. “Praise God, now it is working”. I said to myself while experiencing an overwhelming joy flowing within me. There wasn't any major problem. I just touched the driver with my hand after I connected to a computer in front of me and it all started working.

I checked it again and again to find out if it was really true and indeed it was. I called the guy in 20 minutes time to come and pick it up. He brought a big pizza as compliment with K65.00 as service fee. I gave the pizza and money to Mr. Ray. With no time remaining, he told the payroll clerk to put me on the payroll. Praise God. God is Amazing!

I worked with that company as a fulltime staff member. My salary was K200.00 per fortnight and I was thankful for that. While working with the company, I bought a generator and some acoustic guitars for my local church back at home. I donated everything they had requested from me. I supported the work of the Lord with the little that I got. Praise God, I was looking for ways to experience God's abundant blessings. For me, giving was a blessing indeed. TSCF members in Madang would testify that whenever there was a TSCF fundraising activities, God helped me to be a channel of blessing to them.

After 3 months of working with Raycom computers, I met a TSCF friend of mine. He is Emong from Kainantu, EHP. He was my senior student during my University life. He graduated in 2002 but did not get any job. I prayed about my job and decided to resign. On 24th of September, 2004, I resigned.

I told my friend Emong to prepare his documents to go and see Mr. Ray as I did before. During the time I met my friend Emong, I forgot about my cries and prayers being offered to God for a job. I wanted Emong to work in that company and I resigned.

After couple of days, Emong was employed by Mr. Ray. One statement that really blessed me was, when Ray asked Emong, “who told you that there was a job vacancy here?” Emong mentioned my name. Then Mr. Ray told Emong, “Jeffers was a trustworthy and a hard working employee”.
My second job with RD Fishing - Madang Madang Divine Word University TSCF Students

I stayed without a job for almost 3 weeks. This time, I had peace. I knew that there would be a door open for me. Finally, I was employed by RD Fishing Company in Madang on 18th October 2004. A bigger company than Raycom and I learnt a lot there.

While I was working with RD Fishing Company, I tried my best to tell the IT manager of the RD Tuna Company to employ my friend Emong. Brother Emong came for interview with the Manager and finally he was employed and was working there since then.

I was still serving the Lord through involving in TSCF Ministry as the National Associate Staff for Madang Region. During my capacity as the Associate Staff, we have received enormous support from the churches, families and individuals in Madang region. Some of the major highlights were:

* We had the TSCF Graduates Night for the first in 2005 where former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet was the guest speaker at Madang Teachers Teacher's college. Graduands Night is still being organized annually since then to farewell graduating students.

* We had a Major fund raising activity being hosted at Madang Resort Hotel in April 2006. Thanks to Mr. Namba Tumu and Mr. John Patrick for their effort, time and resources. Unitech Vice Chancellor Dr, Misty Baloiloi was the guest speaker.

* We coordinated the graduates fellowship for the first time in that region with Dr. Vincent Auta as the leading person.

At that time, I was also serving the Lord as the President of Enga Christian Student Association. We had conferences annually during the Christmas holidays. Serving God in such areas is a joy that over flows within me. I thank God for those opportunities to build me up as a person.

I resigned from my job with RD Fishing in Madang on the 12th of January 2006 thinking to start up my own business. I got a lot of clients for my Business called Jeffersonic Engineering. I could make the money I earned from my Salary with RD Fishing in an hour with my own company. I was paid K2.70 per hour while I was working with RD Fishing which was about K240 per fortnight.

Whilst working with RD Fishing, I operated a retail store in Sisiak stage 3. God was indeed blessing me for what I sowed. The K50.00 of my salary from RD Fishing went to Joseph Kingal Ministries account every fortnight apart from the tithes and offering. Also K10.00 of my salary went to Christian Men's Network in Madang. These were some of the things I was involving in.

One day, I was challenged by the Holy Spirit as I was getting a lot of money from my company. “Son, why are you getting into private business. What is your main motive?” The inner voice challenged me. I could not give an answer right away. It took me about one and half week to answer after spending much quite times.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me, “son, it's not about your name, nor your fame, nor your ideals that you may dream of, but it's all about bringing glory to God. Become a channel of blessing so that families and friends will be saved first through your life and then blessed by your life. From the Book of Genesis to Revelation, the Word of God contained there are not for animals and plants but for the people. IF you concern about the people of God, God will surely multiply and bless you abundantly that you will have no rooms to store. He will fill you with wisdom to handle and share the blessings with people.” I cried all night. I wrote this down on my dairy.

Lord also impressed my heart that the timing for me to get into private business was not right. I paused for a while after hearing Him.

On 2nd February 2006, I made my way down to base camp Lae (Unitech). I met with my spiritual dad Henry Sakulas. “Son what are you doing here?” he asked me. “Dad, I just came here for a visit”, I replied. He took me to his office. I told all of my stories to him. He said, “By this time around, Chinese Government Scholarship is published in the newspapers. Try to look for one and apply to go for further studies because you are still young”. I took his advice seriously and prayed about it. I came back to Madang the next day and submitted my application for the Chinese Scholarship on the 6th of Feb 2006. I submitted my application about 2 weeks early before the Scholarship advertisement came out on Wednesday February 15, 2006. Later I will mention that the person who was first to apply was the last to be awarded a scholarship.
During this time, we had one of our end of the month combine fellowships. Ps Sesere from Lae came over to minister the word fo God. I had only K50.00 that time. I gave that to Ps Sesere and told him, "I want to see a miracle so I am sowing". I tested God to get the Chinese Government Scholarship so I had to give all I had.

Interview with the Chinese Embassy Former National TSCF President Tom Lepatu (L) & Former Unitech TSCF President Johnson

Mum Elizabeth Dujambi with Johnson (L) & Allan (R) Former Unitech SRC President

On 8th of May 2006 at 11 am, I received a call from Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby (POM). That was Mr. Wang Li who called me. Mr. Li told me to come for an interview in POM on the 25th of the same month. Mr. Li told me to bring the copies of references, and academic transcripts because I did not see the advertisement and applied earlier without the required documents. I need to pick up two recommendation letters from my lecturers at Unitech.

On 15th May, I traveled back to Unitech and asked Dr. Raturi and Prof. Sam Renagi for recommendation letters each. Both were my lecturers while I was a student there.

The next day, I picked up the one Dr. Raturi wrote it for me and gave time for Prof Sam to do another one. There weren't much time remaining so I told the secretary of Prof Sam to fax it to me in Madang. I left for Madang in the afternoon.

On the 16th of May, I went to medical check-up at Madang Modilon Hospital. Nothing was wrong with my body and I got my Medical certificates stamped. On the 17th of May, I got the faxed recommendation letter from Prof Sam. Thank God, everything was in place.

I had some clients owing some money from my company. I tried to follow them up but not much had been paid so that I can purchase a ticket down to POM for my interview on 25th.

A gentle and a precious Man of God, Evangelist Tom Lepatu sent me K250 to help me purchase my ticket. Much of my money has not been paid and I had only K355.00 cash on hand. With Bro Tom's contribution, I purchased a Special Way Return Ticket to fly on the 24th.

At 13:25 flight on 24th May, I boarded the plane to POM. I stayed with a General of God brother Une O'ome in his apartment. Next day was 25th and that was the day I supposed to see Mr. Li at the Chinese Embassy. I went there at 9am and Mr. Li interviewed me. He rejected my application forms, academic transcripts and references because I did not put a notarized stamp. I also have to fill in again the medical form that was provided.

I came out quickly from the Embassy and then into the Correctional Services Head Quarters Building. I had a friend whose name was Regina Kupper. She had served the Correctional Service for a long time. I went into the building to ask for Regina but she wasn't there in her office that day. Apart from her, I did not know anybody. I asked if they had a legal counsel and a lady told me they had. I went to his office and asked politely if he could help me put the stamp in all my application papers. He was willing to help me without any charge. Praise God, all was done.

Oh, not over yet, I had to go to the POM General Hospital to get my blood tested and have X-rays. It was a big hospital and I had never been there before. I asked a nurse if she could help me to locate the right people for the test. Praise God, she was willing to do that. I paid K20.00 for the tests and all was done. Amen! At 2pm the same day, I went back again to the Embassy. Mr. Li was so surprised how I had managed to get all that done. Well, I knew that, by God's sufficient grace, I can do all things. Amen!

Mr. Li was excited. He told me that my chance of being selected was 50% because of too many people had applied for only 13 spaces. Well, I told him that I applied two weeks in advance before you advertised the scholarship, and also I had to fly in from Madang and it costed me a lot of money. “Mr. Li, please give me the scholarship for this”, I pleaded.

On my way back to Mr. Une apartment, a song that whispered out from my heart, “I know without a shadow of doubt that the Lord will help me and make a way”. Wow, that was the song that drove me up along the Waigani drive.

On 31st May 2006, I flew back to Madang. I stayed there for 2 weeks doing my private work. It was in June 14th 2006, Tom Lepatu and I were invited to minister in a crusade in Kabwum District, Morobe Province. We flew over by MBA Air service. During the crusade, people were touched, healed and delivered by the power of God. We stayed there for a week and returned on the to Lae on 21st. The next day, I was back in Madang with all the gifts that they offered me during the crusade. Gifts ranging from beautiful bags to hens and many things.

Notice from the Northeastern University (NEU) Team up with Local students at NEU

Involving in student activities at NEU

Beautiful campus of NEU

On 11th July 206, I decided to call Mr. Li of the Chinese Embassy. “Hello, Mr. Li, I am Jeffers from Madang. I came for the interview last time for the Chinese Government Scholarship. Do you remember me?” I asked. “Yes I do”, Mr. Li answered. “I wanted to follow up on my application. Any good news?” I asked. He said, “Well Jeffers, I regret to tell you that your application was not successful. The scholarship office in Beijing has not selected you. You can try again next year”. That was Mr. Li’s response. Well, I did not say much. “Thank you Mr. Li, I just wanted to know that. We tried and we did not get a good result so we will try next year. You have a nice day and safe stay in POM”, I wished him good luck.

I was really down. I could not eat and sleep well that night. “Father, what did I do?” I cried. “I just came back from a crusade in Kabwum. Lord, I am meeting your needs, can you meet my needs?” I thought of the song that sprung out my heart in Waigani Drive. “Without the shadow of doubt, He will make a way for me and help me?” My song became of insignificance that night. Well, in good and bad times, His name be praised. He is forever faithful. Amen!

God has His own ways of dealing with His children. His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

In the morning of 15th July, I checked my email and found this email in my inbox. The email was first written in Chinese then translated into English.
Subject: Notice from Northeastern University
Friday, July 14, 2006 7:34 PM
From: "lxsh"
View contact details






Dear Mr. Jeffers,

We are so pleased that you are going to further you study in Northeast University (NEU) in September, 2006. You will be warmly welcomed when you arrive at our university.

NEU is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in China. It is not only known as its beautiful campus, but also famous for its terrific academic atmosphere, by which you will be deeply impressed. So we are sure that you will certainly enjoy you campus life here.

In view that you may not know how to get to NEU, we hope you to remind the teacher, who arranges the accommodation and travel for you in Beijing Language University, to tell us the Time you leave for Shenyang and the Number of train you will take, in order that we can meet you at the railway station.

If we fail to meet you at the station because of something unexpected, please take a taxi. The fee is about: 15 RMB (Shenyang Railway Station to NEU), or 20 RMB (from Shenyang Northern Railway Station to NEU)If you come across some trouble on the way to NEU, you may contact with one of our staff, Mr. Li. His telephone number is: 83687293 (office); 13322454999(cell phone)


NEU International Exchange Center
Wow! I did not breathe at that time. I was over joyous like the joy that I experienced during the time when I fixed the Disk Reader at Raycom. I read it over and over again. It was indeed a miracle. I thanked God for that.

At the same time, I called Mr. Li at the Chinese Embassy in POM however Mr. Li was away for holidays. There was another Chinese fellow was in charge of the scholarship. His name was Wang. “Mr. Wang, see, I got an acceptance letter from Northeastern University in China. I am not sure why you guys did not give me the scholarship?” I asked. Mr. Wang paused for a moment and said, “Ok, faxed those staff over and also forward those through email.”

I did send a fax and forwarded the email to Mr. Wang. By that time, I knew that I was heading for China. When Lord opens a door, no one closes it. On the 18th July, I celebrated my birth day with the celebrations of the scholarship.
After I forwarded the email and this was Mr. Wang's response.
Re: Notice from Northeastern University
Tuesday, July 25, 2006 6:54 PM
From: ""
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To: "Jeffers. H Teargun"

hi, jeffers,this is the only email i received from you. have you sent me other e-mails concerning your communications with NEU?

wang zhenyu
Chinese Embassy
At the same time, I was contacting with the Northeastern University about the Scholarship. Below are our communication emails:

Re: Re: Notice from Northeastern University
Monday, July 24, 2006 7:42 PM
From: "lxsh"
View contact details
To: "Jeffers. H Teargun"

Dear Mr. Jeffers,

We have no idea why your name is not in the list of scholarship. But we have received your APPLICATION FORM FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP from CHINA SCHOLARSHIP COUNCIL, so we have the plan to accept you in the next term as the arrangement. We do suggest that you'd better check with your Embassy to see whether you are allowed to further your study in NEU.

NEU International Exchange Center
Mr. Wang from the embassy told me that my documents are being sent again to Beijing for reconsideration and it might take about two weeks. Praise God, you guys do that.

It was this time that I decided to go home and inform by parents that I would be going to China. On 5th August, I headed for home with aunt “mummy” by MAF to Mt. Hagen via Goroka. I stayed at home with my parents for 3 days. They prayed for me and released me. We had a big party at home as a family.

On 10th August, I was back in Madang by MAF again via Goroka after a day in Mt Hagen. On Wednesday 16th at 2.14 pm, I received a call from Mr. Wang. “Jeffers, I am glad to inform you that you have been given a Chinese Government scholarship to do your further studies in China”. “Praise God! Mr. Wang what did you say?” “Am I given a scholarship?” “Yes”, he answered. “Haleluyah! Thank you so much, Mr. Wang!” I responded. “You are welcome!” He said. “You should be here at the embassy before 28th August for a farewell function.” “I will be there, Mr. Wang, good bye.” I turned off my mobile phone and went into my room and wept, thanking God for the breakthrough.

Farewell Fellowship at Madang Technical College
Cutting the farewell cake at the fellowship at Madang Technical College

TSCF Regional Patron John Patrick (L) with Mr. Namba Tumu (R) during the farewell fellowship
TSCF Graduates during the farewell fellowship. (L-R) Rex, Leo, Tweedy, Amdy, Kenneth

Ending over the responsibility of TSCF National Associate Staff to Jonah Kahsium during the farewell fellowship

Receiving gift from the Divine Word University TSCF executives Daniel & Grace during the farewell fellowship

On the 25th August 2006, during the end of the month combine fellowship for Madang TSCF, I had my farewell function. A lot of friends, TSCF students and supporters turned up for that night. One of them was my former English Teacher at Aiuyra National High School Loujiaya Duna with some Seventh Day Adventist Church members. Some graduates and parents TSCF also attended including Madang regional Coordinator Kenneth Zale, Tweedy Malagan (CUSO rep), John Patrick (regional TSCF parent) and Mr. Namba Tumu. (TSCF dad)

During our farewell fellowship, Mr. Tumu prophesied and said, “When Madang and PNG losses Jeffers for next four years, China will gain”. I could not believe how China will gain from a simple person like me. I am not a politician. The Lord watches for this prophesy to come to pass in my life. I am now serving the Lord as the President of International Christian Students in China.

Some of the highlights during my term here in China were; inviting Evangelist Joseph Kingal from PNG as the guest speaker in two separate conferences in 2007 and 2009 respectively. Another major highlight among so many things was; Lord used me as the divine contact point to link the churches in Russia with Evangelist Joseph Kingal Ministries through Ps Oleg. Ps Kingal went to Russia to minister the word of God for 14 days in September 2008. Indeed, the word of God through Mr. Tumu’s prophesy during my fare wall fellowship came to pass in my life.

I woke up early morning and said goodbye to friends and relatives and I arrived in POM on the 27th of August. On the 28th, I invited Une and my cousin Luke to the farewell function hosted at the Chinese Embassy in POM at 6pm. There, I met other PNG students who have been given the scholarship.

During the function, they gave us the acceptance letters with traveling tickets and US$100 dollars.
I had to get a transit visa from the Australian Embassy. Next day was 29th August. I rushed to the embassy and just in front of the gate; I met Daniel Pepson and his mother trying to get the same transit visa. Daniel got his transit visa already, and next on the line was me. The Chinese Embassy gave the names of the students to the Australian Embassy in advance. There wasn’t any problem with getting the transit visa. We just presented our tickets and acceptance letters. To my surprise, my name was not in the list of PNG students. I wondered why? The lady at the visa section was looking at me again and looking at the papers to check whether I was the genuine person. I gave my passport to her.

By the way, while mentioning the passport, this is how I got mine. During those days while I was working with RD Fishing, I just decided to apply for the passport. The Lord impressed by heart that, some day, somehow, I will be getting out of PNG. I applied in October 2005 but got it on 10th January 2006. I paid about K200.00. K50.00 for service fee, another K50.00 for birth certificate and K100.00 for the passport. So praise God, I did not rush around in POM to get my passport.

The lady was confused why my name was not on the PNG students list. I was nervous but I had peace in my heart. After checking thoroughly through all those papers containing the names, I found my name just at the bottom of the paper and it was so easily to be skipped. No wonder, I was the last person to be given the scholarship. Interesting indeed! First person to apply and last to be given scholarship.

Daniel’s mother had a left-handed drive car. She drove Daniel and I to the airport to confirm that flight details. All our flights were confirmed.

One thing that caused me to felt sad was that, all the other PNG students were to leave on Friday 1st September, 2006 at midday. However, for me, it was scheduled on Sunday the 3rd September. To make things even complicated, I had to leave POM Jackson's airport at 15:10 in the afternoon and arrive in Sydney in the night. Poor Jeffers! But God's grace had seen me through. Amen!

Northeastern University Campus

Northeastern University campus

When I found out that I would be late for the registration because of the flight schedule, I informed my University (Northeastern University) to extend the registration date for me. The following is my email to the University.
Re: Admission at NEU & Travel Arrangement
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 9:01 AM
From: "Jeffers. H Teargun"
View contact details
To: "lxsh"

>Dear Sir/Madam,>

Good day. I already accepted the Admission Notice from your reputable University (NEU). This note is to remind you of my travel itinerary from Papua New Guinea to Beijing via Sydney. Since I will be there in Beijing on the 04th Sept 2006, I will probably arrive at the NEU on the same day or a day later if I face any problem on my way. Since the registration closes on 05th Sept, I kindly ask if you could give me a grace period to extend the registration. Otherwise, I'll arrive on the day for the registration. Please make arrangement to pick me up at the airport.

> Please see my travel itinerary below;>

1. > Jeffers HEPTOL,>
2. FLIGHT: QF 325 Y, Date: 03 SEPT, From: POM to SYD, Time: 1510 to 2025>
3. Flight: CA 178 B, Date: 04 SEPT, From: SYD to PEK, Time: 1120 to 2305>
Thank you so much and I am happy to see you.

Jeffers T Heptol (Mr.)
And the email below was their response.

Re: Admission at NEU & Travel Arrangement
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 6:01 PM
From: "lxsh"
To: "Jeffers. H Teargun"

Dear Jeffers,
You may make the registration on September 5th. And how are you going to get to Shenyang from Beijing? By train or by plane? You have to tell us the time arriving in Shenyang before we meet you. Tel No.:024-83687293 from 8:30-12:00 & 14:00-17:00


NEU International Exchange Center

Congratualtion messages received from TSCF beloveds Mum Rena with Unitech TSCF graduates during the 2007 Graduands night

Unitech TSCF graduates at Unitech during the Graduands night

Unitech TSCF Graduates at Nazab

While I was waiting for the days to roll over before the Sunday 03rd September, I received an enormous Congratulation messages from TSCF beloveds throughout PNG after Une broke the news after my email: Thank God for their hearts.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jeffers. H Teargun
To: Une O'ome ; Une O'ome
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 12:28 PM
Subject: Heading for China

Good day and God bless. Hope you are fine. Bro, I'll come on Sunday 27th at 8:05 arrival at POM. I secured the scholarship to study in China. I'll fly to Sydney on 3rd Sept & to China on 4th.
Please call me since I'm using the public internet cafe. See you.
Yours bro,
Mobile: 6890255
Here are some of them of the congratulations messages I received. . .
*From Une O'ome (Former Unitech TSCF President)

Subject: Fw: Heading for China

CONGRATULATIONS.. We r so proud of you... We rejoice with you because one of our fellow men has been awarded an opportunity amidst so many who compete for such Scholarships. We believe through God that you will be successful in what you have stepped out to do.

For those who do not know Mr. Heptol, he was the TSCF Unitech Vice President in 2003 when Johnson was the President. Jeffers spent about a week with me about 2 months ago to put in his application and go through the interview sessions and am so excited that he has been awarded the scholarship through Gods Grace.
Praise the Lord.
God bless you all.
Une (POM)
*From Mum Rena Gonduan (Unitech TSCF parent)
Hooray Jeffers, There are no boundaries and limitations in God. You have done all of us proud to be an ambassador for Christ & PNG in China.
We celebrate your achievement, na Noken stap olgeta, yu mas kam bek gen.
Mum (Unitech)

*From Basil (former Music Director Unitech TSCF)

Thanks for filling my in-box and keeping me informed. You all take care and continue to hold our families, relatives and friends in prayer. Well Mr. Heptol, China awaits the potential in you mate... go out there and make a difference cause we believe God has a plan and a purpose for you there. Yes and keep us informed with the updates..... just incase your hair turns spikie, your eyes a bit slanted and your skin turns yellow..... like you know..... anyways... Congratulations bro! Cheers y'all

Basil (PJV)

*From Shannon Sariman (Unitech TSCF Graduate)

Hey Jeffers, Nihao!!!! So you're going to China huh!!! Bro...congrats to the max!!!! 4 years??? Aiyoh pilisi.....tokples saina bai kilim yu taim yu kam bek long peles yahh. Make sure you attend the 2008 Olympic games (if you're going to be studying in Beijing) and send us some pics when you do attend the games if not then just send us some pics with some Chinese folk...that'll do....hahaha......LOL. Wanbel stap. Rgds,
Shannon (Unitech)

*From Raevo (Unitech TSCF Graduate)

An achievement well deserved…God ordains and appoints where He sees fit…..
May God be glorified in all and I pray wisdom and success in your studies abroad….Please do keep in touch…
Be Blessed,
Raevo (POM)

*From Mathew Hasu (Former Unitech TSCF Graduate)
Praise God,
Be a great ambassador of PNG as well as the Kingdom of God there.
Matthew Hasu (POM)

*From Lawrence Na'awi (Former Unitech TSCF Publicity officer)

Bro Jeffers you have a safe trip to China and may God continue to bless you as you venture out into new areas.
You take care and God bless you

Lawrence Na'awi (OK Tedi)

*From Dr. Vincent Atua (UPNG TSCF Graduate)

Dear Jeffers;

Praise God indeed he has truly been good and faithful to you. Congratulations on your scholarship.I am proud of you.
Vincent. (Madang)

*From Jackson Kario (Former Unitech TSCF Music Director)

Your gain is our enjoyment. Congratulations from my wife, daughter Suelianne and myself.
Bless God from whom all good things flow!!
Jackson Kariko (POM)
*From Mathew Beno (Former Unitech TSCF President) 

Am joining chorus with others in congratulating you of that. May the good Lord bless your future endeavors.
Matt (POM)

*From Sheila (Former Unitech TSCF Librarian)

"Hello Little (rather big) Dreamer" / Mr. Millionaire!!
Thank you! shall pass your Words of Encouragement to Emma and Congratulations - 4 years in China!! Do keep in touch with us when you get there.

Sheila mentioned Emma (who was the Unitech TSCF graduate) because her dad just passed away with the same week. These were the emails circulated.

From Sheila
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 11:25 AM Subject: Re: Passing of Mr. Aenamero
Sheila.Sailasa wrote:
Good morning all,

This is to advise you of the sudden passing of Emma's father on Monday thisweek. Emma has flown over from Pom and is currently with the family inGoroka till the burial most probably on Friday 01st September. Emma can be contacted through Florence's phone (682 4991) and any contributions can bemade to:
Account Name: Florence PlinduoAccount
Number: 1000 344 161
Branch: BSP Goroka
Please uphold in prayer.

From me:

Hi Sheila, and all the beloveds,

Thanks for passing the infor to us that we can remember our sister Emma by helping her and praying for her and her family at this time of sorrow. My heartfelt condolence to her and her family members. My prayers are with her and her family members at this time of need. I am on my way to China for 4 yrs and I am fly out of the country this Sunday. God bless you all and may God be the father to Sist Emma and her family. God will nurse her family. Is 49:15,16, & Ps 27:10.

Thanks and may the Lord's finger touch your hearts today.

Note: In the next update, I will share an article on how I made to China from PNG via Australia. It wasn't easy through out the journey, but I thank God that He has seen me through. I hope you are blessed by this experience. Lord bless!