Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 25 is important than December 25

Friends gathered to celebrate Christmas on 25th Dec 2008.

For Westerners, each year 25th December is the time that people get together with the family and church members, friends and relatives to celebrate the birth of our Savoir Lord Jesus Christ. It is the time to reunion with family members and share the love that God demonstrated on the cross of calvery. God demonstrated love to us so that we can have love for our family members, friends, relatives and to love our neighbours.

For Chinese, the 25th January is a very important day of each year. This is the day that many of the shops and restaurants (if not all) are to close through out the giant land of China. Most likely, few vehicles are to be found on the roads where traffic is always busy. A new visitor will be surprised to see 1.3 billion people have disappeared and would probably think that they must have raptured.

However, almost all members of family units in China are remained indoors and celebrate their Lunar New Year on 25th January. This is the time when they come together as a family to share, encourage, and to prophesy good and healthy life to members and friends. "Zhu ni shenti jiankang" is an expression in Chinese used most of the time to wish people especially grandparents to be healthier. On this day, alot of phone calls have to be made and send out text messages to friends and relatives to show their concern and speak good tidings upon their lives.

Many family units do not believe in the God of love, but they preach and practice love, care and show concern for each other. They want peace and harmony and ofcourse China is a peaceful place to live. People do not believe in the Blesser but every time they talk about blessings and prosperities.

I had an opportunity to come to know more local friends. I asked my friends how do they think about Christmas on the 25th December. Some friends responded and said, its the time for western people to have holidays, but for us is January 25th. Some said it is a good time to feel so good and relax. Sometimes, its a time to recieve gifts.

On the 25th December 2008, BingBing, Steven and I organized a Christmas party and invited all our friends to come to BingBing's house. (BingBing is a sister from Phils, Steven is a local friend and is also my project mate).
Sister BingBing (center) and Steven with his girl friend Rebecca.

We had good number of friends turned up for our party. Its was awesome. Some even come to know what the Christmas really means for the first. They are friendly to be with. They are more eager to learn new things.
For many Chinese, 25th December is a foreigners festival season and 25th January is Chinese festival season. Some they think that since westerners have 25th Dec so easterners have 25th January. For 25th December, the message is love and forgiveness. For 25th January, the message is love and reunion.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I had published my mission trip to Harbin on this blog (see below) titled "Mission Trip to the Freezing land". Bro Peter wrote this report to update the fellowship in Harbin. Peter with the fellowship members in his room during the fellowship


As from 2009.01.16 to 2009.01.18, Brother Jeffers visited Harbin with an aim of strengthening the Harbin Fellowship and updating them about International Students & Workers Ministry (ISWM) activities. Harbin Fellowship has never participated in ISWM activities before because they were not aware of its existence. We thank God for Brother Jeffers for visiting and making us aware. Some brethren will be attending this year's Winter Conference at Beijing because of his encouragement.

On arrival (Friday) to Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Brother Jeffers organized a fellowship which was well attended. Through the fellowship, healing and forgiveness was experienced because he managed to bring together brethren who had some differences that had even made the former fellowship to stall. Many have given testimony that God sent the brother at a timely moment when even saints were not talking to each other. Through our brother’s visit the fellowship is re-birthed and there is a lot of Godly Love between the brethren. We pray that God sustains this new start of the fellowship so that it grows. Stand with us in Prayer please.

On Sunday, Brother Jeffers visited the Harbin International Fellowship. The Fellowship is composed of foreigners who include business people, English teachers and students from all universities in Harbin. The members are very committed to the Lord. Jeffers managed to talk to the Fellowship including its leadership. It was quite encouraging and re-fuelling. He gave them some spiritual and numerical growth techniques which once implemented; the challenge will be where to worship from because of the big numbers since the current worship place is small.

From the short interaction I had with Brother Jeffers as we also toured Harbin Central Street, frozen Songhua River and the Sun Island among other places, he is a committed servant of God. We highly appreciate Brother Jeffers visit to Harbin and may God Bless him and Bless all those involved in the God’s Ministry work. We look forward to meet the brother again and other brethren soon.
My Mission trip to Changchun (Jilin) can be seen through Mathews blog by clicking this link, I thank God for these fruitful trips. I appreciate the Central Steering Committee (CSC) and Regional Steering Committee (RSC) for their support. These committees are the overseers of organizing conferences for all the foreigner passport holders here in China.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lord Called His servant Peggy Home

Mama Peggy with Jimmy (right) and their local student

A co-worker in the Lord’s field, beloved Peggy Franklin has gone Home to be with the Lord on the 19th January 2009 at 11pm at her home in Shenyang, China after being admitted at the Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital. Much was and will still be said about how this wonderful humble servant of God has touched and led thousands to the Lord. Peggy and Jimmy (her husband), both from the US, have been living in China for more than 10 years to serve the Lord in the harvest field. Peggy was born in December 8th 1940.

Memorial Service at Shenyang Xita Church

A memorial Service was conducted on Wed 21st January at 7pm at Xita International Christian Fellowship. Almost 200 people who called Peggy as their mama, friend, role model, have gathered for the memorial service. Of these, about 70% were locals. We had translators who translated the messages at service from English to Chinese and vice versa. Franklins were members of the Shenyang International Fellowship.

Elder Dr. Emmanuel Decker served as MC during the service said; “it is natural thing to feel sad because we will miss Peggy. On the other hand however, we are comforted because she is with the Lord and those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus will see her again one day. We are here to remember Peggy and honor her service and commitment to the Lord in this harvest yard”.

A close friend of Franklins, Mrs. Sandi Shaffett said, “one of the Peggy’s favorite things to do is to share the love of God with others and because of that, we are all here today. Another favorite thing she does is to memorize scriptures even the entire Book or Chapter and read it out from the heart so we will read these scriptures now, John 14:1-4, 1Thes 4:13-18, Rev 21: 1-5”.

Testimonies from Locals who came to know the Lord through Franklins' life

There were many people who have atleast something to say about Peggy’s life and how she had influenced and inspired their lives. On behalf of all this, only 3 local friends gave their testimonies.
Mama Peggy and Jimmy are welcomed by their Local friends

Here is the first person. “2 years ago, I came to know Peggy and Jimmy Franklins. Their lives inspired me. I found something interesting in their lives. They led me to the Lord and I praise God for mama Peggy's life. Mama Peggy has laid her life down for this land. Her death in this land, instead of living in the US and die there, will force me to do more for the Lord so that my friends and people around me will come to know the Lord.

The second person Simeng said, she came to know Fanklins long time ago. Simeng has been with Peggy even from the first day she got ill. Peggy came to China to spread the love of God. IF she would still be in the United States, she would live this day (tears). Peggy laid down her life for this land. As you all know, Peggy is tolerant, she has a character that few people poses. When I go to Franklin's house, I feel loved. When Peggy first came to China, she always say, Shangdi ai ni (God loves you). China is Peggy's home and a fellowship that she started will grow by the grace of God”, Simeng said.

The last person testified that Peggy has won the race. She laid down her life for us. She is truly a hero. When I first meet her, I was not a believer. She was always positive and I admired her character and that led me to become a believer.

Jimmy's word

Jimmy Franklin thanked all for their support and even coming to the memorial service to show the love and care for his family. He appreciated you all encouragers, contributors, condolence message senders and friends. Peggy gave her life to the Lord when she was 9 years old. She then attended some missionary classes during her young years. Peggy was trained to be a nurse. Jimmy is an Engineer. “We worked in several countries in the Military and shared the love of God”, Jimmy recalled, while mentioning many places that they lived and worked for the Lord. He said China was in Peggy's heart. When we were on vacation, she would always ask, when are we going to China? Lord had a plan that Peggy's life would be taken back from the Nation of her heart. Franklins celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last summer.

Peggy and Jimmy with their beloved local friends

The message

Steve Lily shared the memorial service message. Steve said it was incredible to know how Lord used Peggy to transformed lives. Peggy's testimony is a life well lived. She had a life driven by purpose and had a purposeful life. He shared from Proverbs 31 and said; Peggy's life is wonderfully described by this. Death is an enemy but tomb is not the final word. Jesus conquered death and because He lives, we all shall live. Death is a process where Believers in the Lord are being transformed. We are not worthy to go to heaven because we are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. We cannot do anything to stop the judgment of God. But Jesus did it on the cross that we shall live with him in Heaven.

Condolence messages from all over the world.

The following are the condolence messages being received from people all over the world who know Franklins and in one way or another; Franklins have been a blessing to them.

1. From Bbandama & Olive
Dear beloved Shenyang Fellow, Please allow us to express our sincere and heart felt condolences over the passing away of our dear friend and mother in the Lord, Peggy Franklin. She was indeed a true light and source of comfort to many. The Lord allowed us to meet them last summer while they were in the States-how precious are the memories we have of her and Jimmy. We will miss her until we are able to meet again in Heaven. In Him, Bbandama & OliveTulsa, Oklahoma

2. From Agabu and Hellen,
Our deepest Condolences to Jimmy and Shenyang international fellowship. May the Lord be with you (Shenyang international fellowship), Jimmy and his family in this difficulty time. May her soul rest in peace. For we know that Peggy is a Child of God and she is God hands right now.
Regards, Agabu, Hellen, Kumbu, Sarah and Deborah, Kitwe, Zambi

3. From Carol and George
It is indeed sad to learn that such an inspirational child of God go to be with the Lord. We join everyone in wishing Jim God's comfort and strength is this trying moment, the SYICF and other family members. Over and above that, we draw comfort and assurance that she is indeed sitting next to Jesus in heaven because of what we experienced with her. May the Lord of all nations be with Jim and all of us forever and ever, AMEN!!! !
Carol & George, Zambia.

4. From Bro Solomon
Hi Shenyang brethren,
so sorry to know that we have lost such a wonderful woman of God, a mother and a friend.We shall indeed miss her fellowship but hope to see her some day at the Jesus' feet and fellowship again.My sincere heart felt condolences to Bro Jimmy and the rest of the family.I pray that the Lord will fill the gap that Sister Peggy left in the family.
We mourn but not as those who have no hope.We have a living hope in Christ and that we shall meet again on the other side.
We love her but God loves her most.
Freetown,Sierra leone.

5. From Mwenya,
Dear All,
I would like to convey my condolences to Jimmy. I remember Peggy as a somebody that was so friendly with everyone and also how she made everybody feel so welcome. May God give Jimmy and his family strength in this difficult period.

6. From Idem Lagos

Hi Brethren! Mama Peggy had won many souls for the Kingdom. She'd borne many spiritual sons and daughters. What a satisfying life of purpose!It's a challenge to me. She must be rejoicing with the saints who went before her.May her gentle soul rest in peace! May the Lord comfort Jimmy!Bassey IdemLagos, Nigeria

7. From Gilbert and Constance Mateeka,
Dear beloved Shenyang fellowship.

We share with you the grief of the loss of our sister friend and mum. Peggy was a lovely mother and friend of all; very freely interacting with every member of fellowship with an infectious smile. The memories of her smile and motherly concern are as fresh as though I saw her yesterday yet its now about six years since. She lived "heart prints" on every soul in her vicinity. It was a purpose driven life. She fought a good fight, run the race, kept the faith and has gone for her crown!! The only way to mourn her best is to emulate her example. We shall meet her in glory.God bless you. Gilbert and Constance Rugarama, Kabale Uganda

8. From Paul and Sue Lehmann, Australia (working in El Salvador)
Please pass on our love to Jim. Both he and Peggy will always be very dear to us. Whenever we mention the idea of true ev's, their names are first mentioned. Love, Paul and Sue

9. From Marcel

Hello Shenyang brethren! I am saddned to hear about the death of Mama Peggy. A spirtual mum.I could remember her. She was such a kind, a gentle soul. She was a big blessing to many. My sincere condoleances to Jimm and family. May God strengthen them during this difficult time. But I have a living hope that we shall meet in heaven. And God bless you all. Sincerely. Brother Marcel.

10. From Monica MbeweLusaka-Zambia

Hi to you all in Shenyang, I note the death of mama Peggy with sadness. Though we last had fellowship together some years back, l still remeber her for her ever gracious smile that gave comfort to many of us in the fellowship. Her dedication to the spiritual welfare of the the fellowship are virtues never forgotten She ran the race and the crown is hers, so we find comfort in that May God strengthen Jimmy and Family during this trying moment. Monica MbeweLusaka-Zambia

11. From Clarisse & Justin

Dear brethrens ,
We're sorry to hear the lost of Mama Peggy, our dear mum. We will miss her hugs and the love that she showed to those around her , but we are comforted because we know that she is with God , that we shall see her again . We're praying for brother Jimmy and family , we're praying for Shenyang fellowship as well that God will continue to comfort .
We love you
clarisse & Justin

12. From Christopher T

Dear Jimmy,
I will like to extend my heartfelt condolence to you and your family for the big lose. Mama Peggy was a light among the millions that God Has been using to change our world and in the small community where we worship in.I would like to say that you take heart and the Holy spirit will continue to strengthen you and feel you so that you don't get weary with the stress of Peggy's death. May her soul rest in the lord jesus Christ,.
Christopher T,

Note: Her photos are taken from

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only God can do impossibles beyond measure

This is an email I recieved from a beloved sister in the Lord when she sent to Onne Steve and Jekeya. It really encouraged me and as you read through, may you be also lifted up.
Good morning, my only brothers.

I just want to share this with you which I got it one Sunday morning. I hope it will help you today.

Sunday preaching was taken from Ezekiel 37.1-14 (the valley of the dry bones, a popular verse)

God was asking Ezekiel, a mortal man this question, “can these dry bones come back to life?’ This question was in fact impossible for human understanding. How can the bones, without sinews, muscles and breathe live! According to human beings, there was no hope for these dry bones; it speaks of no way, hopeless, impossible, can not go on, exhausted, tired, lonely, weary, helpless, and the list of all the negatives goes on. But amazingly Ezekiel knew who God is so he answered; “Sovereign Lord, only YOU can answer that”.

When we face dead seas, desert life, storm life, deep valleys, high mountains; we tend to say oh, I can’t go on, I am exhausted, weak, it's hard, I am angry, annoyed, frustrated etc. But when we begin to see the amazing work of God upon these hopeless dry bones, we begin to see a new day dawning, a new beginning, a new sunrise and a new era in every circumstances and situations. Every death will begin to live, deaf will hear, blind will see and sins will be forgiven.

We tend to see that He is the light in the night, like a star behind the clouds. In Him we have hope; meaning in trouble times we have solutions, and in difficult moments we have opportunities and there is nothing hard for us as a true son and the daughter of this Most High God. His power supersedes every supremacies, He is the King of the Glory both now and forever..........Amen.

Be blessed and be a blessing.................enjoy your day at work (school) now because today is the day that the Lord has made; yesterday is gone and is history and we don't know tomorrow will come or not, thus enjoy today as a gift because its called present!

Freda Akapi
Telikom PNG Limited

Monday, January 19, 2009

Annual Foreigners Conferences

Confernce participants gathered for group photo in 2007 winter

Lifting the banner of Jesus

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as in the manner of some, but ex- horting one another and do so much the more as you see the Day approaching”, Heb 10:25. Participating in conferences is like being in Heaven. People of different races, tongues, backgrounds, workers and students of the entire world gather together to worship the Almighty God is so awesome.

Every year, we have two conferences. One in the summer and the other one in winter. Both these events are hosted during the vacations. The conference has been going on for last 10 to 15 years. Because of the increasing number of people, the southern part of China has their own conferences and northern do the likewise. Every after 4 years, we have combine conference.

This year, the conference for the north is in Beijing. The details of the conference are as follows:

*Theme: Living the Power of Lord, (Col 3:14)

*Guest Speaker: Ps Joseph Kingal (from PNG)
*Date: 3rd to 4th February, 2009
*Registration fees: 150 RMB
*Registration covers accommondation, food, conference kits and others

On the same note, for the south, the conference will be in Shanghai

*Theme: Worshipping God in Truth and in Spirit, (John 4:23-24)
Guest Speaker: Ps Johnathan Mesai (from Kenya)
Date: 29th Jan to 1st Feb, 2009

Lord has placed us strategically as a divine contact point to execute Kingdom purposes. Lets live a purposeful life to be the agents of change. May the Lord almight bless and keep you safe. You have a safe vacation and mark your calender to take part in these conferences. Let the Lord minister your life during these conferences.

Showers of Blessings
Jeffers Teargun Heptol
Northern Region Chairman