Friday, April 24, 2009

International Christian Students Ministry in China

CSC/RSC/AB Leadership Meeting

(From L-R)Standing: Sekedi (AB Member in Beijing), Armel (CSC Organizing Secretary in Nanjing), John (CSC Chairman in Beijing), Kennedy (AB Chairman in Nanjing), Joseph (CSC General Secretary in Shenyang). Sitting: Julie (CSC Financial Secretary in Beijing), Serah (CSC Treasurer in Beijing), Jeffers (RSC-north Chairman in Shenyang), Jeff (RSC-South Chairman in Shanghai/Nanjing).

Our Lord God does not seek for the qualified but He qualifies those He calls: that is the ‘FAT’; those who are, ‘FAITHFUL, AVAILABLE and TEACHABLE.

The annual conferences have been going on for over 20 years. It became clear that God had plans for these conferences that were even greater and more far-reaching than originally imagined. Not only did they provide opportunities for fellowship of a kind that has been described as ‘a taste of heaven’, and for equipping in one’s personal Christian life – they could also inspire students to get actively involved in the expansion of God’s worldwide kingdom. The conferences are organized twice a year during the summer and winter vacations.

Our Vision
Equipping the saints through teaching, training and mentoring for devotion to Christ, the building of His church and service to the local community and nations.
Ephesians 4:11-16

AB (Advisory Body) is the group consist of graduates who have been passing through the Ministry and are serving in various professions in China. The main role is to provide advices to the Central Steering Committee.

The CSC, (central steering committee) is the link point to the Christian foreign pass port holders both in the northern and southern parts of China. It is God’s dream team to bring all believers of the nations of the world to worship God together.

Regional Steering Committe (RSC) Executives.

RSC is the regional steering committee and is the hand of CSC to run at the regional level. Now we have northern and southern RSCs. The ministry is comprised of people of different cultural and religious backgrounds throughout the world. We put aside our differences and come together to worship the one true and living God.

(From L-R): Jeffers, Helen, Dominique, Nebart

My Executives and I having bi-annual meetings

IT has been a privilege for me to serve as the RSC (Northern) President/Chairman of the International Christian Students Ministry in China. This year marks the full two year term in the office since 2007. Much has been said and published about this Ministry in China even in this blog.

I thank God for the opportunity to serve some hundreds of people from more than 50 nations of the World. It was indeed a rare moment to be a part of the world team.

Book of Ecclesiastics in the Bible says that there is time for every thing and a season for every activity under heaven (3:1). Time to come and time to go, time to serve and time to retire.

My time to serve as the President will expire in May 28th 2009 in a ceremony in Beijing while attending a leadership training.

The vessel who Lord prepared will take over from where I leave.

The Lord has been gracious to me and my executives and by His grace, we have accomplished some major things. We had couple of newsletters being published, our mission trips to Dalian, Changchun and Harbin are few of the examples of success.

We had also priveledge to invite some guest speakers from overseas including Joseph Kingal of Papua New Guinea.

I would like to take this time to thank my outgoing executives for their royalty to the Lord in serving in various offices; Sister Dominique from Gabon (Secretary), Sister Helen from Tanzania (Treasurer) and brother Nebart from Zambia (Prayer secretary).

On the same note, I would like to acknowledge the undivided support from Central Steering Committee (CSC) and Advisory Body (AB).

May our Lord continue to bless you all as you continue to seek in daily wherever Lord places you. AMEN!!!

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