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Being the Divine Contact Point

God can use you to be the Contact Point so that millions will inherit Heaven. His Excellency Ambassodor John Momis and I at the Beijing PNG Embassy
Ps Joseph Kingal of PNG in Russia in September2008 Ministering the Word for 14 days touring major cities in Russia. Lord used me to be the Divine Contact Point to connect Ps Kingal with Ps Oleg of Russia. Now we have a good reationship with Churches in Russia. Ps Oleg will go to PNG to minister the Word this Christmas. Ps Kingal will go again to Russia this September for major crusades in Russia. On the same note, I have received notices from friends in India to invite Ps Kingal as a Guest Speaker in major crusades. Also, Ps Life of Botswana in Africa will invite Ps Kingal to a Major student conference in Africa.

Ps Kingal with Ps Oleg of Russia

Presenting the Book to my workmate at the workplace.

They received gladly when I distributed the Book to workmates

Sharing Word with Foreign Students from Harbin Institute of Technology while on my mission trip to Harbin City

Learning some Christmas songs with my University friends at my University

At Changchun University while on mission trip. Background building is Mr. Mathew Yakai's hostel

Mr. Mathew Yakai and me having meal when I paid a mission trip to Changchun

I am on my toy. I bought it to use it for my job

God is a master planner of one’s life. I wouldn’t image I will become a President of International Christian Students in a country like China. I could not believe I can invite a renowned Evangelist like Pastor Joseph Kingal to be the Guest Speaker of a conference that attracts hundreds of participants from many countries in the world. As I look back to the first day that I started walking with the Lord, I realized that He had never failed me a moment. The Lord is forever faithful.

It was back in 2003 at PNG University of Technology (Unitech) that I served the Lord through TSCF (Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship) as the Vice President. After my graduation in 2004, I moved to Madang to work and serve the Lord as TSCF National Associate Staff for that region. I came to know Ps Joseph Kingal during those days. Ps Kingal was preaching in one of our crusades as the Guest Speaker and said, “Kingdom minded people are there to connect people to the Lord”. He was referring to the scripture in John chapter 2: 1-2 “The mother of Jesus was there!” Ps Kingal also quoted from 2 Kings 5: 2-3 and said “a young girl from Israel who served as a slave connected leper Naaman to the Lord for his healing”. “Kingdom minded people do not worry about what place they are in, neither do they worry about what type of people they serve nor worry about what they do, but their primary role is to connect people to the Lord. They become the divine contact point that the Heavenly Kingdom will meet with people to execute Kingdom purposes”. These were the words that Ps Kingal shared some six years ago but they became the driving force in my life to do great exploits for the Lord in China where people think that there is no God. Give me a country that the Christianity is growing faster and I will give you China.

I do not regret choosing China to be my home away from home when I choose to come in 2006. Today, while the world lacks behind, Chinese are populating Heaven every day. Truly Almighty God is counting down on PR China. The next wave of missionaries and preachers are from China and they will bring the Gospel across the ends of the earth as China rises politically and economically. Even as I am writing this article, there are people who are already in the Harvest Fields around the world.

The 2007 International students and workers winter conference was hosted in Beijing. I was one of those who participated for the first time. While involving in this conference, the Lord handpicked me to lead the students here as the President. Just before I left PNG to China, Lord used a Godly man named Namba Tumu to prophesy over my life at the Madang Technical College. “When PNG loses Jeffers for next four years, China will gain”. I did not believe this prophesy at that time because how can a great communism nation can be influenced with Christian Principles by a person like me. However, it is really true that Lord will watch over His word to come to pass because He is not a son of man that He should lie. China is a good place to worship God and to literally see the hand of the Lord.

Serving as a President is not an easy task. Apart from busy study schedules, I have to meet with people from different nations with different cultural and religious backgrounds. Some people are fast to respond, some are slow to respond while others do not even do it at all. In all this, the Lord has clothed me with humility and patience to handle these people. The grace of the Lord has sustained me to serve the people from almost 70 countries of the world.

One of my responsibilities is to visit city Churches in China especially the northern part to encourage International Christians and invite them to annual conferences. The conferences are hosted twice a year during the summer and winter conferences respectively. For the last two years that I have served, the conferences where filled with joy and wonders. There are a lot of processes involved in organizing a conference. First thing is to ask for permission from the authorities two or three months in advance. Authorities are friendly and they would allow us to have foreigners conference but to some extend, if they say no, then we are not allowed to host. The conference halls are hotels because there are no proper places to host. It will cost us about US$ 30000 to US$ 40000 depending on the accommodation, food and other logistics of the conference in the hotel. Someone may ask how this money can be raised. Well, International Churches in every city in China are the supporters and sponsors of these conferences.

The international workers and students are members of these city churches. It has been a privilege to come to know some of these people during the conferences. From the Asians across to Oceania to the north and south Americas to European and African Nations, people of different races and tongues come together to worship the Living Jesus is awesome. It signifies the unified Body of Christ across the Globe and Jesus is Lord over the universe. We leave aside our church and denominational backgrounds and worship God based on the Bible believing in Jesus as the Lord and Holy Spirit as the Teacher and Helper.

The purpose of the ministry (conference) is to provide an avenue where people of different races and tongues are trained with sound Biblical Teachings to be the agents of change to impact the world near and far in order to magnify God’s Name!

We invite International and Local speakers as Guest Speakers for the conference. They come and minister the Word of God at their own costs as the Lord provides. We had a privilege to invite PNG renowned Evangelist Ps Joseph Kingal to 2007 summer conference in Shenyang City and also for this winter conference in Beijing from 4th to 6th February 2009. During the summer conference, Ps Kingal shared on “Freedom in Christ” taken from John 8:32. Ps Kingal shared that God will deal with our lives to remove any part of ‘Egypt’ in us to set us free. He took the example of the great rescue of Israelites from Egypt in the book of Exodus and said, “God was delivering the people of Israelites out of Egypt. God took them over to the wilderness for forty years to remove ‘Egypt’ out of Israelites. When God wants us to possess the promises, He will discipline us in our own ‘wildernesses’ so that we have the right character and motive that will bring Him the glory,” Ps Kingal shared.

The 2007 summer conference was glorious. God moved mightily through His Spirit and touched many lives even though the authorities came to stopped it in the middle of the conference. The saving power of the Gospel that Ps Kingal shared saved many souls and four were baptized. More than 200 people from 30 nations attended the conference. Ps Kingal was also given the opportunity to share in Shenyang International Christian Fellowship that pave the way for many people to be touched by the Holy Spirit and prayed for.

This year’s winter conference in Beijing was another awesome meeting. According to the organizing committee, the total number of people participated was 280 from more than 40 different nations of the world. The theme of the conference was ‘Living in the Power of Love’ taken from Colossians 3:14. Ps Joseph Kingal among other anointed speakers shared a profound message on ‘living the power of love’. “Give proper meaning to pain for the love of God will see you through”, Ps Kingal encouraged the conference participants. Ps Kingal quoted from Genesis 37 where Biblical figure Joseph went through the pain to become the successful Governor of Egypt at the end. “People with dreams will always encounter their pits, prisons and Potiphar’s houses before they will be in the Palace”, Ps Kingal shared. “Joseph gave proper meaning to his pains and trials because he knew that love of God would never fail him. He was patient and persevered even in prison because he walked in the power of God’s love.”

Many of the participants responded to the power of God’s word. People were joyful. It was all awesome and glorious from the first day to the final night. People went up to the pulpit without fear and doubt to testify of what the Lord has done in their lives. About 12 people were baptized by Ps Kingal which Ps Kingal said it was a prophetic number of commissioning to take the nations of the world for Jesus.

The after effect of the conference showed that people have been so much blessed by the message Ps Kingal shared. A girl from India named Chella said that she was blessed by the message Ps Kingal preached. “The word was for me. I thank God that I have attended this conference. My mother has seven gods. She worships a god every day. My dad does not believe in anything. I am praying to God to empower with His boldness so that I will share God’s love with my family and friends that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, Ms Chella said.

After the conference, a family from Malaysia living in Tianjin city called Ps Kingal to go to the city to pray for them. Ps Kingal left on Sunday (8th) afternoon by train and ministered to them. God showed up and many who attended the prayer meeting were amazed at the work of the Almighty and they all praised Him.

PNG might not be recognized in the world in terms of economic and infrastructure developments but Word of God puts PNG on the world map. Wherever Ps Kingal preaches, first thing he does on the pulpit is to show people where PNG is because not many had heard of it. Ps Kingal recognizes that he is representing the Kingdom of God and the beautiful nation of PNG when he preaches around the Globe. Ps Kingal said if other PNG students and workers who study or work abroad in different countries are tuned to the Heavenly calling to take the risk in facilitating such conferences, PNG will take the Gospel to the world for Lord’s glory. Amen!
Note: This article has been Published on the Sunday Chronicles on 15th Feb 2009 in PNG, a courtesy of Mr. Mathew Yakai in his weekly column. It is also posted in his blog:


  1. I am so excieted to see png missionarys go to the nations .I have been praying for 14 years for this to happenGOD BLESS ,
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  2. Hello brother,

    Praise the Lord for all his wonders and goodness in our lives. I read your article on Matthew Yakai's blog spot and found it very encouraging. The good Lord works in wonders and ways that our human mind sometimes can not comprehend. God is using you mightily in his own special ways for kingdom building and that is a special blessing upon you. Keeping smiling for Jesus.

    Blessings,Mrs Ungil

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