Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009 International Conference in Beijing

Foreign Passport holders gathered for group photo during the conference

Living in the power of love was the theme of the 2009 winter conference in Beijing. Almost 250 people are participating in the conference from more than 40 nations of the world. Evangelist Joseph Kingal from Papua New Guinea has shared a powerful message that resurrected the lives of people who are attending the conference. The conference ends at 9pm on the 6th February. Ps Kingal shared that love records no wrong doings. "Even if a close friend in the church has done wrong to you when you do not expect, how will you act in this situation?" He challenged the attendants.

Ps Kingal ministering the Word with a France translator

The Word of God came so strong that it revived and set a new dimension in the lives of the people. The annointing of the Holy Spirit was intensified during the last 2 days of conference. People were being transformed, saved, reconciled and even demons literally manifested and casted out. Many people were drunk in the Holy Spirit that they even do not want to get out of the conference room. The ear had never heard and the eye had never seen is being heard and seen in this conference in a mighty way.

Evangelist Kingal praying for the people.

People came to testify that the Lord is doing great things in their lives that they have never seen and heard before. A lady testified that she has been living an unforgiving life for last 15 years but got her healing last night. "The word came last night showed my own picture of life and I cried to God", she testified. "I have been saying with my mouth that I am forgiving others but, actually I had records of wrong doings at the back of my mind. Today I got my healing and I am completely free. To God be the glory".

Many people fell under the anointing of God even from the front to the final rows that they can be hardly moved. They just want to be in the presence of God.

People worshipping in the presence of God.

We are anticipating very much that the Lord by His Spirit will move mightly during our last day of the conference tomorrow (6th Feb). We are praying that Lord will touch, heal and perform signs and wonders to confirm His Word in order to transform lives and set people free for destiny.

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